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Digital Transformation of Industries

ICT in Vertical Markets

Title Published
Home of the Future
European Consumer Demands for a Connected Lifestyle and Expectations for their Ecosystem
04 Nov 2015
Chinese Connected Private Cars Tracker 2015
Connectivity as an Enabler for Growth in the Automotive Industry
30 Oct 2015
The Human Brain: An Unsaleable Commodity 19 Oct 2015
Visualizing Production: 5 Key Augmented Reality Trends in Industrial Manufacturing 13 Oct 2015
Artificial Intelligence and the Automation of Brainwork 05 Oct 2015
Immersive Visualization: 5 Key Augmented Reality Trends in Architecture 05 Oct 2015
The App Oriented Tourist: 5 Key Augmented Reality Trends in Tourism 05 Oct 2015
Augmented Reality in Healthcare
Improved Quality and Lower Cost of Care is a "Real" Possibility
01 Oct 2015
The Role of ICT in a Connected Car Future
Emerging Opportunities for ICT Providers in the Connected Car Sector
30 Sep 2015
IT Trends in the Aviation Industry
IT Systems in Aviation Continue to Be a Critical Component in Airlines Business Models
30 Sep 2015
IT Trends in the Travel, Cruise, and Hospitality Market
Enterprises Preference for Multichannel Distribution of Inventory Expected to Increase
30 Sep 2015
The Future of IT in Retail
An End User Perspective, U.S., Europe, and Latin America
29 Sep 2015

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