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Digital Transformation of Industries

ICT in Vertical Markets

Title Published
Convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Finance Industry
Robo-trading, Robo-advisors, Consumer Smart Wallets, Insurance, and Fraud Analytics Set the Stage for Massive Disruption
11 Apr 2016
Digital Transformation Outlook, H2 2015
Autonomous Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchains, Drones, Augmented and Virtual Reality Disrupting Industries Worldwide
05 Apr 2016
European Decision Makers Investment Sentiment toward Internet of Things (IoT), 2015
Stakeholder Action Points Clear as Respondents Cite Data Privacy, Security, and Compliance Concerns Holding Back IoT Investments
03 Mar 2016
IoT-driven Business Models for ICT and Non-ICT Companies, Forecast to 2020
Support for Improved Internal Processes, Top Line Figures and Shareholder Value Galvanizes Enterprise Adoption of IoT-driven Models
01 Mar 2016
Open Innovation in UK Public Sector IT Overview
UK Government Digital Marketplace Sales Reach Milestone of £1 Billion
26 Feb 2016
Travel and Hospitality Customer Care Market, 2016
Cultural and Business Shifts Creating Enormous Opportunities and Equally Formidable Challenges, Social Media Storms to Forefront as New Channels Seek to Improve Customer Experience
24 Feb 2016
Global Customer Analytics Markets, Forecast to 2020
Predictive Customer Analytics to take Customer Intelligence to Whole New Level, Emerges as Cornerstone of Enterprise Profitability and Productivity
23 Feb 2016
Sports and Technology Convergence in Brazil
Technology Revolutionizing Business and Event Dynamics, 2016 Rio Olympics to Highlight Role of IT Investments in Promoting Sports Excellence
08 Feb 2016
Building a Global-scale City Open Innovation Platform - Impressions from the Connected Smart Cities Conference, 2016
Envisaged Benefits for Cities include Avoidance of Vendor lock-in, Gaining Comparability, Access to Best Practices, and Opportunity to Create Local Jobs
04 Feb 2016
Open Data Strategies in Real-time Cities—Cambridge (UK) and Kazan (Russia)
Early Stage Adopters Offer Glimpses into Emerging Data Strategies, Governance Structures, Partnerships, and Challenges
02 Feb 2016
Internet of Intelligent Things -Synergies of IoT with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Long-term Strategic Roadmaps to Highlight Data as Key Asset for Both AI and IoT
19 Jan 2016
Apple Inc. and Artificial Intelligence Overview
Apple Needs to Embrace Open and Collaborative Culture to Succeed in New Internet of Intelligent Things Era
19 Jan 2016

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