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Digital Transformation of Industries

ICT in Vertical Markets

Title Published
Internet of Intelligent Things -Synergies of IoT with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Long-term Strategic Roadmaps to Highlight Data as Key Asset for Both AI and IoT
19 Jan 2016
Apple Inc. and Artificial Intelligence Overview
Apple Needs to Embrace Open and Collaborative Culture to Succeed in New Internet of Intelligent Things Era
19 Jan 2016
Big Data Analytics in Europe's Public Sector
Increasing Real-world Implementations Showcase Immense Potential of BDA to Public Sector Bodies
13 Jan 2016
Blockchains - Beyond Bitcoin Analysis
Blockchain Readies for Takeoff, Industries from Media Distribution and eCommerce to Supply Chains and Central Bank Economics to be Irreversibly Transformed
12 Jan 2016
Cisco India Summit - Innovating to Make IoT a Reality, December 2015
Greater 'Softwareization' to Help Customers Accelerate Digital Transformation Journey
05 Jan 2016
Data Leadership 2015 Conference – Insights and Impressions
Leveraging the Value of Big Data and Open Data Remains a Work-in-progress is Key Takeaway
04 Jan 2016
Wearables Future Analysis - Revolutionizing Digital Payments
Wearable Payments Poised to Leapfrog NFC-enabled Smartphones to Emerge as Strong Alternative Payment Modality
04 Jan 2016
Open AI - An Analysis
For True Sharing of Gains, Open AI Needs to Freely Share Not only Software but, More Importantly, the Data Sets it Uses
04 Jan 2016
The Many Faces of IoT—Smart Grids
Smart Grids Foster Interesting Opportunities for ICT Participants to Move Beyond Connectivity
30 Dec 2015
Public Safety ICT in the North American Smart City
A $10-billion Opportunity in 2016–2020
28 Dec 2015
2025—A Day in the Life of Big Data
It Will Change Everything
24 Dec 2015
The Role of Wearable Devices in the Home of the Future
Personalisation and Frictionless Control Will Drive Long Term Opportunities
22 Dec 2015

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