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Digital Transformation of Industries

ICT in Vertical Markets

Title Published
Moving Beyond Smart City
The Frost Vision of a Smart Society
04 Aug 2015
From Treatment to Prevention: Kamsoft's Open Healthcare System Approach for Poland 24 Jul 2015
IBM and Spark: Strengthening the Platform for Real-Time Analytics 03 Jul 2015
Apple's HomeKit: Security and Functionality Standards to Help or Hinder Dominance in the Future Smart Home Space 23 Jun 2015
Mobile Device Manufacturers Are Making Major Inroads into Mobile Health 17 Jun 2015
Heat Map of Europe’s Real-Time Cities—Progress towards Commercialisation
Results of End-user Survey Conducted 1Q 2015
02 Jun 2015
Open Data Strategies of Real-time Cities
ICT Opportunities in Grand Lyon, Milton Keynes, Helsinki, and Dublin
12 May 2015
Facebook Messenger: The App Eating the App Store 11 May 2015
ICT Spend in South Africa: Retail Sector
Mobility and Improved Connectivity Drive the Evolution of Retail
07 May 2015
ICT Spend in South Africa: Public Sector
How ICT is Transforming the Digital Future of the Public Sector
07 May 2015
ICT Spend in South Africa—Financial Services Sector
How Financial Services Providers Optimise Emerging Technologies to Improve Access to Services and Reduce Costs
07 May 2015
ICT Spend in South Africa: Mining Sector
Increased ICT Spending Leads to More Efficient Mining Operations
07 May 2015

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