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Digital Transformation of Industries

ICT in Vertical Markets

Title Published
Delivering Omnichannel Retail: More Work to Do 31 Jul 2017
Global Virtual Reality Ecosystem, 2017
Immersive Technologies Creating New Opportunities Across Vertical Industries
27 Jul 2017
Digital Transformation in the Global Retail Sector
Technology-driven Transformation is Reshaping Retail
26 Jul 2017
Open Data Strategies of Real-time Cities
Commitment and Pragmatism Make Moscow a 'Must' on Smart City Innovation Watch-lists
25 Jul 2017
Disruption in Global Financial Services, 2017—Machine Learning is Imperative
Realigning Customer Engagement with Predictive Analytics and Customization
21 Jul 2017
Distributed Order Management—Lynchpin of Delivering on the Omni-Channel Retail Promise 16 Jun 2017
Digital Transformation in the Indian Telecom Sector, 2017
Focus on Enhancing Cloud Portfolio to Expand Digital Services
26 May 2017
Digital Transformation in the Indian Banking Sector, 2017
Banks are Looking beyond Core Banking Systems and Compliance for Better Service and Revenues
26 May 2017
Digital Transformation in the Indian Manufacturing Sector, 2017
Building Infrastructure and Leveraging Technologies such as Virtualization, Automation, and 3D Printing Key to Develop into a Smart Factory
26 May 2017
Digital Transformation in the Indian Retail, Education, Media & Entertainment Sectors, 2017
Customer Experience is the Center of Focus with Analytics and Mobility in the Background
24 May 2017
Everything Is Compliance and Machine Learning-centric in Google Cloud 11 May 2017
Digital Transformation in the Indian Healthcare Industry, 2017
e-Health Records and Telemedicine are Growing Rapidly across Urban and Rural Areas, Respectively
09 May 2017

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