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Digital Transformation of Industries

ICT in Vertical Markets

Title Published
Digital Transformation in the Indian Healthcare Industry, 2017
e-Health Records and Telemedicine are Growing Rapidly across Urban and Rural Areas, Respectively
09 May 2017
Global Blockchain Startup Ecosystem, 2017
Investment and Partnership Opportunities for Enterprises
11 Apr 2017
Global Food and Beverages Industry—Digital Transformation and Technology Landscape, 2016
Emphasis on Food Safety and Health Cognizance Will Fuel Technological Innovations
07 Apr 2017
Headset Growth and Killer Apps: What Comes Next for Virtual Reality in 2017? 04 Apr 2017
Prospects for Blockchain in the Energy Sector: A 2017 Update 04 Apr 2017
Global Airline Digital Transformation Programmes, 2017
Airline Requirements Driving Project Design and Implementation in Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing and Core IT Systems
23 Mar 2017
Digital Transformation of the Automotive Industry
Digitalization Spending to Grow Rapidly to $82.01 Billion in 2020
03 Mar 2017
ICT Spending in Connected Industries in Europe, Forecast to 2020
Tracking ICT Spending as Industries Embark on Digital Transformation Journeys
02 Mar 2017
Global Artificial Intelligence Opportunities in Retail, 2017
Data-driven Businesses are Creating New Opportunities and Disrupting Incumbents
01 Mar 2017
The New Way to Grow—BearingPoint Infonova Digital Ecosystem Management (DEM) Global Summit 30 Jan 2017
Scaling Smart City Innovation—International Development of Start-ups 04 Jan 2017
Smart Cities and the Impact on Fintech Innovation: The Next Smart Revolution 04 Jan 2017

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