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Connected Truck

Connected Truck

Title Published
Global Connected Truck Telematics Outlook, 2017
Powered by Digital Transformation, Connected Truck Services are Estimated to Generate $5.41 Billion in Revenues in 2017
23 Jan 2017
Turkish Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Market, 2012–2021
From 2016-2021, Growth of the Medium Duty Truck Market at 7.9% and Heavy Duty Trucks Market at 1.5% Will Help OEMs to Expand Volume
27 Dec 2016
Start-ups Disrupting Global Connected Truck Market, 2016–2017
Opportunities Worth ~$245 Billion for Ecosystem Participants by 2025
26 Dec 2016
Digitising Freight – one truck at a time
A Frost & Sullivan perspective on the emerging digital freight brokerage systems
22 Dec 2016
Uzbekistan Automotive Market, Forecast to 2020
Sales Volume of Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Buses and Minibuses to Reach 202,000 Units by 2020
20 Dec 2016
An Insight on Use of Drones in Global Logistics Industry, Forecast to 2020
Logistics Innovation through Adoption of Drones will Lead to Efficient Supply Chain in Urban, Suburban, and Rural Areas
19 Dec 2016
Digital Transformations in the Global Logistics Industry, Forecast to 2020
Digitalization Trends–Mobile Devices, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Analytics, Automation Offer High Growth Prospects in Logistics Industry
14 Dec 2016
Frost Perspective: 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show Highlighting Electric, Autonomous, and Connected Vehicle Innovations 01 Dec 2016
Frost Perspective: Trump’s Impact on Trucking — Local Effect, Global Implications 01 Dec 2016
North American Medium-Heavy Duty Natural Gas Truck and Bus Market, Forecast to 2025
Proliferation of Natural Gas Fuel in North America Positions MD & HD Truck and Bus Markets for Long-Term Sustainable Growth
30 Nov 2016
Logistics Industry in Iran, Forecast to 2020
The Size of the Iranian Logistics Industry Will Exceed $45 Billion by 2020
15 Nov 2016
Medium- and Heavy-Duty Truck Steering System Market in North America, 2015–2022
Addition of Active Steering Technology is Catalyzing the Active Safety Systems Market
04 Nov 2016

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