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Connected Truck

Connected Truck

Title Published
Logistics Industry in Iran, Forecast to 2020
The Size of the Iranian Logistics Industry Will Exceed $45 Billion by 2020
15 Nov 2016
Medium- and Heavy-Duty Truck Steering System Market in North America, 2015–2022
Addition of Active Steering Technology is Catalyzing the Active Safety Systems Market
04 Nov 2016
Hybrid-Electric Truck and Bus Market Growth Trajectories in North America and Western Europe
Rapid Growth Expected Beyond 2020 with Penetration of New Green MD-HD Trucks and Buses Reaching 7.4% by 2025
27 Oct 2016
Executive Analysis of North American Connected Truck Dashboard
Industry Handbook for FMS Vendors
17 Oct 2016
Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market in Europe
Telematics Penetration to Reach 30% by 2022, Generating €6.3 Billion
30 Sep 2016
Indian Commercial Vehicles Market Trends and Forecasts
Business Model Impact in the Face of Impeding Segmental Shifts and Demand Drivers
30 Sep 2016
Aerodynamics in Heavy Trucking to Drive Efficiency Improvement
The Untapped Market of Close to 50% for Trailer Aerodeflectors will Result in the Proliferation of Aerodynamic Devices
30 Sep 2016
Nikola Motor Company—A Disruptive Force in North American Trucking Industry
Company’s Electric Heavy Truck Acting as Harbinger of Heavy Duty Electric Truck Product and Service Introductions
30 Sep 2016
Latin America Bus Market—Growth Opportunities 2016 to 2022
Transformative Trends Expected to Propel LATAM Bus Market to Over 50,000 Units Despite Headwinds
30 Sep 2016
Lytx, World Leader in Video Telematics, Venturing Beyond Trucks with the Launch of Unisyn™, Offering Video Solutions for Real-time Fleet Field Operations 30 Sep 2016
Global Off-highway Vehicle Market Transformation Triggered by Emerging Market and Technology Trends
OHV Revenue to be Worth $631 Billion in 2030 Driven by Mega Trends and Connectivity Technologies
27 Sep 2016
Truck Platooning Market Growth Opportunities 2016 to 2030
Autonomous Trucking Technologies to Launch Massive Productivity, Safety, and Efficiency Gains in Freight Mobility
27 Sep 2016

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