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Connected Truck

Connected Truck

Title Published
Autonomous Trucks Foundation Technologies Ushering New Era in Commercial Trucking
Automated Mobility Signifies the Next Frontier of Competition
15 Sep 2016
The Impact of Australia’s Automotive Industry on the Logistics Market
Challenges and Implications for the Road Transport Sector
31 Aug 2016
Indian Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market
Annual Telematics Sales to Grow Sixfold by 2023
31 Aug 2016
Light Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market in Europe
Telematics Penetration to Reach 24.6% by 2022, Generating €4.3 Billion
26 Aug 2016
Eight Transformational Trends Influencing the Global Trucking Industry’s Growth Trajectory
Green, Safe, Connected, and Smart Technologies Enabling Transition from Product- to Service-Based Business Model
26 Aug 2016
Strategic Analysis of the Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) and OHV Telematics Market in China
OHV Telematics Addressable Market to Surpass 16 Million in 2020
26 Jul 2016
2025 Vision of Transformations in Global Medium-Duty Truck Market
Growth in Value Truck Segment in BRIC and Next 11 Markets Offer Volume and Margin Opportunities to MD Truck OEMs
25 Jul 2016
Value Truck Sales Globally to Reach Over 1.3 million Units by 2025 25 Jul 2016
Global Heavy-duty Truck Platforms Driving Growth Opportunities
Average Number of Global Platforms per OEM to Rise from 2.2 to 2.8 by 2025
21 Jul 2016
Strategic Analysis of Select Commercial Vehicle Markets Across Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Commercial Vehicle Markets to Attain Higher Growth Trajectories in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, 2015-2022
19 Jul 2016
Used Transit Bus Market Experiencing Growth Momentum in the United States, 2015
Of the 2,200 Transit Buses that Retire per Annum, about 80% Enter the Used Bus Market
15 Jul 2016
Pakistan Logistics Industry—Outlook and Growth Opportunities
Transportation and Warehousing Segments Will Benefit from Development of Economic and Trade Corridors
27 Jun 2016

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