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Global Vehicle Fleet & Leasing Research

Global Vehicle Fleet & Leasing Research

Title Published
Europe; Company of the Year Award - Fleet Telematics 04 Jun 2018
Russia Light Vehicle Market, Forecast to 2023
Sales Volume of Light Vehicles in Russia to Approach 2.4 Million Units in 2023
04 May 2018
Latin American Passenger Vehicle Market Outlook, 2018
Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, and Disruptive Mobility Services will Influence LATAM´s Recovering Automotive Market
04 Apr 2018
Global Automotive Industry Outlook, 2018
Vehicle Sales to Inch Closer to 100 Million Units as Data Monetization Takes Centerstage
22 Mar 2018
Global Fleet Vehicle Leasing Market Outlook, 2018
EV Leasing and Private Lease are Expected to Grow 8.8% and 4.0%, Respectively, and be Forerunners that Transform the Leasing Market
19 Mar 2018
Fleet Vehicle Leasing Market in Brazil, Forecast to 2020
Brazil's Economic Volatility is Pushing Corporates to Look for Alternative Mobility Solutions that are Cost-effective and Flexible – a Condition that Lease Companies can Leverage
29 Jan 2018
US Fleet Vehicle Leasing Market, Forecast to 2020
The US Vehicle Leasing Market is Dominated by Private Lease, and Profitable Opportunity Exists in the Corporate Fleet Leasing Sector
29 Jan 2018
Fleet Vehicle Leasing Market in South Africa, Forecast to 2020
Despite the Economic Slowdown, the Leasing Industry Witnessed a Stable Growth Rate of 10.0% In 2016
16 Jan 2018
Fleet Vehicle Leasing Market in Russia, Forecast to 2020
Russian Banks are Entering the Operational Leasing Segment and Competing Intensely with Core Leasing Companies
11 Jan 2018
Fleet Vehicle Leasing Market in India, Forecast to 2020
A Cultural Shift is Taking Place from Looking at Car Ownership as a Status Symbol to Usage Only By Leasing
11 Jan 2018
Fleet Vehicle Leasing Market in Spain, Forecast to 2020
SMEs, the Self-employed, and Individuals, Which form the Bottom of the Pyramid in the Business Arena, are the Driving Forces of the Spanish Leasing Industry
08 Jan 2018
Fleet Vehicle Leasing Market in Germany, Forecast to 2020
The Market is Evolving as Customers Increasingly Expect Sophisticated Fleet Services
15 Dec 2017

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