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Global Vehicle Fleet & Leasing Research

Global Vehicle Fleet & Leasing Research

Title Published
Europe; Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award - Fleet Management Software 25 Jan 2017
Europe Private Vehicle Leasing Market Strategic Analysis
Strong Market Growth Expected as Leasing Companies Turn Focus to Untapped Retail Segment and Increasing Customer Demand for Hassle-free Mobility Solutions
21 Dec 2016
Car Finance Industry, Forecast to 2020
Technology and Process Innovations are Leading to More Affordable and Instant Car Finance, Ultimately Resulting in Increased Car Sales
28 Nov 2016
Future of Driving in China—New Mobility Business Models in China
Internet Connectivity and Convergence Bring New Market Improvements in the Future of Driving in China
27 Oct 2016
Fleetboard Store Launch – Daimler's One-stop Trucking Solutions for the Logistics Industry
Frost & Sullivan Outlook
12 Oct 2016
Indian Commercial Vehicles Market Trends and Forecasts
Business Model Impact in the Face of Impeding Segmental Shifts and Demand Drivers
30 Sep 2016
Fleet Vehicle Leasing Market in Croatia, Forecast to 2019
Nascent Market Accelerates Growth with Demands for Affordable Mobility Solutions
28 Mar 2016
Fleet Vehicle Leasing Market in Czech Republic, Forecast to 2019
Emerging Trends Indicate Strong Growth Opportunities in Operational Leasing and Rising Challenge From Hybrid/EV Cars
28 Mar 2016
Fleet Vehicle Leasing Market in Hungary, Forecast to 2019
Pursuing Growth with Disruptive New Fleet Utilisation Strategies, Trends Favour Operational Leasing
28 Mar 2016
Fleet Vehicle Leasing Market in Switzerland, Forecast to 2019
Conventional Strategies to be Jettisoned as New Entrants and Alternative Products Intensify Competition
28 Mar 2016
Latin American Passenger Vehicle Market Outlook, 2016
Strong Sales Persist Despite Economic Uncertainty, Future to Embrace Powertrain, E-mobility and Connected Cars
23 Mar 2016
Fleet Vehicle Leasing Market in Spain, Forecast to 2019
Catalyzed by Investments and Evolving Attitudes toward Mobility, New Participants and Alliances Move to Corner a Share of Expanding Revenues
11 Mar 2016

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