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Internet of Things (IoT) Universe

Internet of Things (IoT) Universe

Title Published
Global Blockchain Startup Ecosystem, 2017
Investment and Partnership Opportunities for Enterprises
11 Apr 2017
Insights into Digital Transformation: The Role of Monetization in the Communications Service Provider Market 07 Apr 2017
Start-ups Disrupting the Global Automotive and Mobility Industry, 2016–2017
Over 1,700 Start-ups Focused on Electrification, Mobility, and Connected Car Technologies are Gaining Traction
06 Apr 2017
Mobile Apps in the North American Trucking Industry, 2016–2017
Trucking Apps Evolving Rapidly to Offer $2 Billion Investment Opportunities by 2020
06 Apr 2017
B2B Niche Segments of the Brazilian Telecommunications Service Providers Market, 2017
Data Communications and Broadband Providers Struggle to Stand Out in a Nearly Saturated Scenario Using Distinctive Strategies and Business Models to Unleash New Value Propositions in the Corporate Segment
05 Apr 2017
Outlook of the Global Oil and Gas Industry, 2017
Rebalancing in Oil Demand and Supply will Only Happen with More Production Cuts by OPEC and Non-OPEC Producers
04 Apr 2017
Global Data Analytics for Industries Report, 2017–2023
Rise of Progressive Analytic Techniques Expected to Induce New Business Models in Manufacturing
04 Apr 2017
Blockchain Technology Revolutionizing Automotive Industry
Automotive Ecosystem Participants to Spend ~0.6% of their Total IT Spend on Blockchain by 2025
31 Mar 2017
Home Automation Poised to Break Out: North American Smart Home Market at the Tipping Point 30 Mar 2017
Top Trends in Health IT, HIMSS17
A Look at Strategic Business Priorities and Technologies at a Time of Uncertainty
29 Mar 2017
Global Power Industry Outlook, 2017
Global Power Investment to Reach $443.5 Billion in 2017, Driven by Continued Strong Investment in Solar PV and Wind Power
29 Mar 2017
Global Critical Power Industry Outlook, 2017
Global Critical Power Market to Grow at an Impressive 9% in 2017, with Modular Solutions and UPS Connectivity with IoT as Key Trends
29 Mar 2017

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