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Internet of Things (IoT) Universe

Internet of Things (IoT) Universe

Title Published
Blockchain Applications in the Energy Sector
A New Data Paradigm Enabling Decentralized Generation
10 Aug 2016
Connected Home Market and Implications of Cyber Risks
Understanding Threats and Opportunities within Smart Technology Ecosystems of North American Homes
10 Aug 2016
Connected Homes—Supplier Strategies and Business Models
Customer Engagement and Business Model Innovation are Keys to Success
10 Aug 2016
Future of the Internet Economy
Mobile Internet the Way Ahead
09 Aug 2016
Wearables Integration in Cars—Use Cases, Impact, OEM Activities, and Future Possibilities
Opportunity for the Automotive Industry to Find New Ways to Support and Learn from its Customers
05 Aug 2016
Analysis of the Latin American IoT in Education Market
Increase in Broadband Connectivity and Government Support Foster Growth of an Interconnected Education Ecosystem
05 Aug 2016
Retail Convergence: Augmenting Physical Retail and Introducing the Human Factor and In-store Experience into Online Retail 04 Aug 2016
IIoT and Its Impact on UK Manufacturing
Favorable EU Regulations and Continued Government Support will Determine Progress in the UK Manufacturing Sector
29 Jul 2016
The Turkish Smart Grid Market
Determined Steps to be Taken During the Third Investment Term will Transform the Grid
27 Jul 2016
Industrial IoT Platform Market
Benefits for Industrial Operations
25 Jul 2016
Impact of IoT on Global Educational Technology
Proliferation of Digital Learning Solutions Driven by Hyper-connectivity, Low-cost Devices, and Government Support
25 Jul 2016
RFID in the Global Smart Cold Chain Market
Growth of Cloud Computing and Big Data to Ensure Smart Cold Chain
22 Jul 2016

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