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Internet of Things (IoT) Universe

Internet of Things (IoT) Universe

Title Published
CEOs’ Perspectives on Growth, Innovation, and Leadership in the Americas, 2016
Digital Disruption Creates Powerful Opportunities for Growth and Innovation
25 Jan 2017
CEOs’ Perspectives on Growth, Innovation, and Leadership in Asia, 2016
Visionary Leadership to Unlock Growth and Innovation Opportunities Amidst Digital Transformation
24 Jan 2017
Global Connected Truck Telematics Outlook, 2017
Powered by Digital Transformation, Connected Truck Services are Estimated to Generate $5.41 Billion in Revenues in 2017
23 Jan 2017
IoT Quarterly Executive Brief, Q3 (July–September) 2016—Top Trends and Strategic Recommendations
Security Plays Catch-Up to Support a Healthier IoT Market Development
19 Jan 2017
IIoT Market Watch—A Snapshot of the Most Promising Companies in the Industrial Landscape
Identifying and Earmarking New Drivers of Change in the Manufacturing World
18 Jan 2017
Global Precision Medicine Growth Opportunities, Forecast to 2025
Strategies and Tactics for Accelerating Growth in a Transforming Market
18 Jan 2017
IoT Quarterly Executive Brief, Q2 (April–June) 2016—Top Trends & Strategic Recommendations
IoT Suppliers Pursue Market Share Goals through Acquisitions, Alliances, and Customer Wins
05 Jan 2017
Scaling Smart City Innovation—International Development of Start-ups 04 Jan 2017
Smart Cities and the Impact on Fintech Innovation: The Next Smart Revolution 04 Jan 2017
Asia-Pacific Smart Utility Network Growth Opportunities
Government Mandates and Rapid Technology Adoption will Drive the Adoption of Smart Meters and Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
02 Jan 2017
Emerging Technologies Stimulating the Future of Agriculture
Emerging technologies in agriculture will play a significant role in improving the efficiency and predictability of agriculture
30 Dec 2016
Artificial Intelligence (AI) - R&D and Applications Roadmap
AI Advancing in Leaps and Bounds, Taking Machines Closer To Achieving Human-Like Intelligence
30 Dec 2016

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