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Industrial Bioprocessing TechVision Opportunity Engine

Industrial Bioprocessing provides you with the latest intelligence in the industrial bioprocessing field, including new processes to develop specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, alternative fuels, and chemical feedstocks. Each week, Industrial Bioprocessing presents you with the latest news on R&D, new business ventures, mergers and acquisitions, as well as marketing and sales initiatives.

Title Published
Innovations in Biopackaging for Food and Beverage Industries 17 Mar 2017
Innovations in Prebiotic Sugar Substitutes 10 Mar 2017
Biomimicry Applications in the Automotive Industry 03 Mar 2017
Innovations in Sustainable Ingredients for Moisturizers 24 Feb 2017
Innovations in Plant-based Alternatives for Animal Protein 17 Feb 2017
Biological Solutions for Plastic Waste Treatment 10 Feb 2017
Innovations in Eco-friendly Disinfectants 03 Feb 2017
Innovations in Coffee Production Technology 27 Jan 2017
Biological Solutions for Extraction of Metals 20 Jan 2017
Innovations in Biopaints 13 Jan 2017
The Dehydrated Food Industry 06 Jan 2017
Innovations in Biomass Pyrolysis - Industrial Bioprocessing TOE 30 Dec 2016

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