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Energy and Power Systems Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine

Energy and Power Systems TechVision Opportunity Engine is Technical Insights' new technology research subscription that reports on the latest advances in the broad range of technology related to the energy industry.

Title Published
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Thermo-Chemical Air Conditioning Systems; Solar-Powered Light Bulb Can Provide Light in Off-Grid Areas; Energy Efficient Heat Exchangers for HVAC Systems 30 Jul 2010
Energy and Power Systems Alert. Fuel Cell Aging Estimation by Pattern Recognition Approach; Algorithmic Aid in Renewable Energy Resource Planning; Heavy Residue Hydroconversion Process for Hydrocarbonaceous Feedstock 25 Jun 2010
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Effects of Hydrogen on Cracking Mechanisms of Cycloalkanes; Experimental Investigation of Steam Cracking of Fischer-Tropsch Naphtha; Biofuel Production from Catalytic Cracking of Woody Oils 28 May 2010
Energy & Power Systems Alert. TiO2 for Producing Superior Anodes Used in Li Ion Batteries; Energy Harvesting from Random Ambient Vibrations; Controlling FPV Cells via Domain Wall Manipulation 30 Apr 2010
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Using Silver Nanoparticles for Evaluating Performance of Thin Film Solar Cells; Innovative Design for Wave Energy Converter; Novel Nuclear Fusion Reactor 26 Mar 2010
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Liquid Fuels from Coal and Biomass; Advances in Battery Systems; Generating Energy from Bacteria and Organic Matter 26 Feb 2010
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Paper-Based Batteries and Supercapacitors; Improving Energy Efficiency in Refineries; Mimicking Natural Leaf for Hydrogen Production 29 Jan 2010
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Friction Drive Wind Turbine; Biomimetic Approach To Carbon Capture; Oil Production from Lignite; Biomass Energy from Industrial Harvesting of Pruning Residues 01 Jan 2010
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Use of Silicon Gel Improves Battery Efficiency; Ruthenium Sensitizers for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells; Cleaner Production of High-Octane Gasoline Blend-Stock 27 Nov 2009
Network Security Technology Alert. Biometric Authentication Solution; Plug and Play Appliance that Offers Secure Mobile Messaging; Two Factor Authentication Solution 30 Oct 2009
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Cheap and Abundant Solar Cell Material; Microbial Fuel Cells Moves To Demonstration; Compound Solar Cells Display Enhanced Conversion Efficiency 30 Oct 2009
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Near Platinum-Free Fuel Cells; New Bacteria for Microbial Fuel Cells; Waste Heat Recovery System for Hot Water Production 25 Sep 2009

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