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Energy and Power Systems Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine

Energy and Power Systems TechVision Opportunity Engine is Technical Insights' new technology research subscription that reports on the latest advances in the broad range of technology related to the energy industry.

Title Published
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Breakthrough in Printable Photovoltaic Cells; Development in Vanadium-Redox Batteries; Improving Sustainability through Hydrogen Energy Systems 29 Jul 2011
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Generating Power from Sewer Wastewater; Extending Lifespan of Li-ION Batteries Using Active Li Replenishment; Wirelessly Connected Power Strips for Monitoring and Controlling Power Consumption 24 Jun 2011
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Remediation Treatment of Contaminants Using Microbial Fuel Cells; Improving Production of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells; Electricity Storage in Superconductive Magnets 27 May 2011
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Development of 10 MW Wind Turbines; Developing New Materials for High-Energy Density Batteries; Improving Heat Engine Hybrid System Efficiency 29 Apr 2011
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Algae-Based Oil Extraction without Algal Cell Destruction; New Material Type will Boost Potential of High-Power Electronics; Sol-Gel-Derived Carbon-Based Supercapacitors with Good Cycling Capabilities 25 Mar 2011
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Thermal Energy Storage Retrofits Reduce Operating Costs; Hydrogen Production without Burning Fossil Fuels; Converting Vehicles’ Kinetic Energy into Electricity 25 Feb 2011
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Harnessing Wind Energy Using Airborne Wind Turbines; Renewable Energy-Powered Hybrid Luxury Vessels; New Method for Efficient Ethanol Production 28 Jan 2011
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Developments in Tidal Current Turbines; Boosting the Efficiency of Polymer Solar Cells; Conserving Energy through Variable Capacity Air Conditioner 17 Dec 2010
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Direct Methanol Fuel Cell for Lower-End Mobility Applications; Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells for High-End Mobility Applications; Carbon Nanotubes Boost Energy Harvesting Devices Performance 26 Nov 2010
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Tetrapod Quantum Dots Can Boost Efficiency of Solar Cells; Textile-Based Super Capacitors Using PEDOT as Active Material; Energy-Efficient Hydraulic Oil Coolers 29 Oct 2010
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Minimizing Fuel Consumption Using Hybrid-Powered Truck Refrigeration Systems; New Upgrades in Thin-Film Solar Cells; Next Generation Solar Energy Collectors 24 Sep 2010
Energy & Power Systems Alert. Body Fluid-Powered Fuel Cell; Antireflective Coating for Increasing Organic Solar Panels’ Efficiency; Next Generation Wind Turbines for Off-Shore Areas 27 Aug 2010

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