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Oil and Gas Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine

Frost & Sullivan's Technical Insights presents its latest research subscription in the Oil & Gas Alert.

Title Published
Innovations in Oil and Gas Spill Detection Technologies - Oil and Gas TOE 27 May 2016
Innovations in Gas Scrubbers - Oil and Gas TOE 22 Apr 2016
Natural Gas Storage Technologies-Oil and Gas Alert 25 Mar 2016
Oil and Gas Technology--Recent Advancements in Plugging and Cutting Technologies for Abandonment and Conformance Control Operations 26 Feb 2016
Oil and Gas Technology--Recent Advances in Cryogenic Distillation 22 Jan 2016
Oil and Gas Technology. China Starts Commercial Production of Alkylate Using Solid Acid Catalysts; Cost-Effective Method to Purify Natural Gas and Extract Reusable Carbon Dioxide; Novel Amine Technology to Make Carbon Dioxide Separation More Economical 18 Dec 2015
Oil and Gas Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine. Heat Transfer Oils for Applications across Broad Temperature and Pressure Range; Straight Cutting Oils for all Types of Machining Processes; Aphron-Containing Fracturing Fluid for Well Stimulation 27 Nov 2015
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Demulsifier for Targeted Oil Water Separation Applications; Innovative Vertical Sulfur Pump Design for Molten Sulfur Transport; Slurry Catalyst-Based Hydrocracking Technology 23 Oct 2015
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Fast-Cycle Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology for Gas Purification; Catalytic Electrochemical Process for Converting Carbon Dioxide to Plastics; Wave Liquefaction Technology for Producing Oil from Coal 25 Sep 2015
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Hydrocarbon Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor for Processing Different Types of Natural Gas; Hydrocracking Pretreatment Catalyst for Nitrogen Removal from Hydrocracker Feed 28 Aug 2015
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Refinery Investing to Increase Plant Efficiency and Reduce Environmental Footprint; Korea’s Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant to Initiate Front-End Engineering Design; 24 Jul 2015
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Research Collaboration to Discover a Method for Observing FCC Catalyst Behavior at Nano-Scale; Researchers Discover Opportunity to Optimize the Catalytic Reaction of Natural Gas Conversion 26 Jun 2015

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