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Oil and Gas Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine

Frost & Sullivan's Technical Insights presents its latest research subscription in the Oil & Gas Alert.

Title Published
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Zeolite-Based Catalyst for High Octane Gasoline Production; Compact and Efficient Heat Exchanger for Process Plant Applications; Indirect Method for Analysis of Asphaltene Formation in Crude Oil 22 May 2015
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Flow Drag Reducers for Heavy and Asphaltenic Crude Oils; Refinery Cogeneration Facility to Boost Energy Efficiency of Plants; Corrosion Inhibitor to Protect Refinery Assets from High Tan Crude Oil Corrosion Failure 24 Apr 2015
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Improved Diesel with Desirable Attributes for Cold Weather Operability; Wet Shale Gas Plant to Process the Bulk Natural Gas Resources of Utica Shale; Improved Multibeam Echo Sounder for Off-Shore Oil and Gas Industry 27 Mar 2015
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. High-Performance Edible Oil Refining Technology to Reduce Health and Handling Hazards; Powerful 4-Stroke Gas Engine to Offer Enhanced Output to Power Plants; Expansion of European Refinery to Meet Global Demand for Lube Oil 27 Feb 2015
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Integrated Refinery Project to Boost the Economy of Vietnam; Enhanced Technology for Efficient Separation and Recovery of Produced Water; Novel Catalyst System for Cost-Efficient and Corrosion-Free Alkylation Process 23 Jan 2015
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Industrial Valve for Processing Abrasive and Corrosive Fluids in the Oil and Gas Industry; Fracturing Equipment with Refined Capabilities for Hydraulic Fracturing Industry; Cost-Effective Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology 19 Dec 2014
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Simple and Cost-Effective Method to Detect Oil and Gas Leaks; Hydraulic Oil-Based Fluid Line-Up for Enhanced Viscosity Retention; Eco-Friendly Process to Convert Natural Gas Resources to Fuel and Useful Chemicals 28 Nov 2014
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Lubricant Fluid to Offer Energy Savings and Faster Machining; High-Tech Oil-Based Lubricant to Cover Host of Tool Cutting Options 24 Oct 2014
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Ultra Fine and Filtered Synthetic Oil Extends Component Life of Hydraulic Systems; Protective Material Enhances Safety of Workers in Oil and Gas Industry; Deasphalting Technology with Improved Technological Flexibility 26 Sep 2014
Futuretech Alert. Floating LNG--The Processing and Transport of Natural Gas at Sea 22 Aug 2014
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Prototype Meter for Hydrogen Refuelling Stations; Carbon-Based Catalyst For Hydrogen Gas Production; Method of Converting Carbon Dioxide to Syngas 22 Aug 2014
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Microbial Nutrients-Free Trapped Oil; Feed Injection System Capable of Improving the Efficiency of Fluid Catalytic Cracking; Burner Technology to Reduce NOx Emissions in Refineries 25 Jul 2014

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