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Oil and Gas Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine

Frost & Sullivan's Technical Insights presents its latest research subscription in the Oil & Gas Alert.

Title Published
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Catalyst Stripper Packing for Efficient Refinery Operation; Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration Polymeric Membranes for Refinery Wastewater Treatment 28 Jun 2013
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Corrosion Protection Technology for Refinery Boilers and Distillation Units; Membrane-Based Hydrogen Recovery System for Refineries; Parallel Fixed Bed Reactor Technology for Refinery Catalyst Testing and Development 24 May 2013
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Ultrasound-Induced Oxidative Desulfurization Process for Diesel Fuel; Refinery Upgrading Project To Meet Strict Fuel Standards; Emission Control Technology for Reduced Nitrogen Oxide Emissions from FCC Units 26 Apr 2013
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. De-Waxing Technology To Produce Ultra-Clean Jet and Diesel Fuels; Plant To Convert Residue Crude Oils into Valuable Products; Leak Detection and Monitoring Technology for Onshore and Offshore LNG Facilities 29 Mar 2013
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Technology for Olefin Conversion and Extraction; Hollow-Fiber Ultrafiltration Technology for Refinery Wastewater Management; Researchers Develop Hydrogenation Catalyst at Reduced Cost 22 Feb 2013
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Technology Tie-Up for Natural Gas Cleanup and Processing; Hydrocracking Unit To Maximize Diesel Yield; Catalyst for Solid Acid Gasoline Alkylation Process 25 Jan 2013
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Hydrogen Produced by Methane and Ethanol Reforming Using Palladium Membranes; Improving Alkylation Process for Manufacturing High-Quality Octane Blend; Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Oil And Natural Gas Production from Shale Gas 21 Dec 2012
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Coal Gasification Technology for Efficient Substitute Natural Gas Production; Fiberoptic Sensing Promises More Accurate Monitoring in Pipelines; Simulation of Two-Phase Flow in Reservoir Rocks Using Lattice Boltzmann Method 30 Nov 2012
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Use of Biomimetics Improves Ethylene Production from Natural Gas; Portable Low-Cost Gas To Liquid Fuel Technology; Graphene Membrane for Efficient Natural Gas Production 26 Oct 2012
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Effective Carbon Dioxide Emission Management for Environmental Protection; Technique for Magnetic Separation of Oil and Water; Low-Emission Marine Fuel Formulation 28 Sep 2012
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Autothermal Catalyic Reforming of Ethanol for Hydrogen Production; Catalyst To Make Methane Cleaner and Cheaper; Hydrogen Management for Improved Refinery Margin 24 Aug 2012
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Process To Capture Carbon from Fossil Fuel Emissions; Airborne Laser Remote Sensing for Effective Leak Detection; Hydrogen and Methanol Production from Carbon Dioxide-Rich Gas Fields 27 Jul 2012

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