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Oil and Gas Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine

Frost & Sullivan's Technical Insights presents its latest research subscription in the Oil & Gas Alert.

Title Published
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Advanced Method for Recovering Contaminated Natural Gas; Platinum/Titanium Oxide Catalyst for Carbon Dioxide Utilization; Catalytic Process for Producing Methanol from Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide 29 Jun 2012
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Breakthrough Oil Pipeline Technology Promises Energy and Cost-Savings; Mixing Regenerated Catalyst with Recycled Spent Catalyst in an FCC Process for Better Product Yield; Compact Carbon Capture Technology from Exhaust Gas 25 May 2012
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. New Plant for Converting Natural Gas into Diesel; Nonelectrical Sensors Provide Round-the-Clock Corrosion Monitoring in Pipelines; Advanced System for Processing and Transporting Liquiified Natural Gas 27 Apr 2012
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Single-Atom Catalysts for Hydrogenation Reaction; Surfactant Plus Technology for Enhanced Oil Recovery; Pipe-Pulse Technology for Blocked Subsea Lines 29 Mar 2012
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Cleaner and Cheaper Liquid Fuel from Coal; Safer Inhibitor for Replacing Hydrazine for Corrosion Prevention in Steam Tanks; Leak Detection and Monitoring Technology May Optimize Pipeline Networks and Reduce Losses 23 Feb 2012
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. New Drilling Fluids Based on Graphene Oxide Particles; Catalytic De-Oxygenation Technology for Jet Biofuel Production; Microbially Enhanced Oil Recovery from Engineered Bacteria 27 Jan 2012
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Hydroformylation Process for Increased Yield of Veraldehydes and Catalyst Regeneration; Methane Gas Production through Microbial Hydrocarbon Degradation; Latent Heat Recovery from Flue Gases 30 Dec 2011
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Petrochemical Desulfurization Using Carbon Adsorbents; Technology for Leak Detection for Underwater Gas Pipelines; Treating Refinery Effluents Using Retrofitted Dissolved Air Flotation Unit 25 Nov 2011
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Recycling of Corn Cob for Adsorption of Natural Gas; Aerobic Granules for Treating Petrochemical Wastewater; Using Catalytic Cracking for Asphaltenes for Lower Coke Formation 28 Oct 2011
Advances in Dental Implants--Technology Assessment and Market Penetration (Technical Insights) , Advances in Dental Implants 30 Sep 2011
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Optimal Utilization of High-Temperature Flue Gas in Heating Hydrocarbon Feeds; Reducing the Emission of NOx Using Zeolites; Laser Shock Treatment for Strengthening Duplex Stainless Steel 30 Sep 2011
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Catalyst Substitution for Converting Natural Gas To Petrochemicals; Evaluation Process for Determining Feedstock Fouling Potential; Alkaline Earth Metals for Flue Gas Carbon Capture 26 Aug 2011

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