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Oil and Gas Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine

Frost & Sullivan's Technical Insights presents its latest research subscription in the Oil & Gas Alert.

Title Published
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Rotating Equipment Solution for Oil Refineries; Membrane Bioreactors for Processing Petrochemical Wastewater; Carbon Dioxide Corrosion Inhibitors Produced from Ammonium Salt Compounds 29 Jul 2011
Advances in Spine Technologies (Technical Insights), Advances in Spine Technologies 30 Jun 2011
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Additives for FCC for Enhancing Propylene Production; Improving Light Olefin Production from Oxygenates; Obtaining Olefins Using Doped Catalysts 24 Jun 2011
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Supercritical Water Reformer for Onsite Hydrogen Generation; Desulfurization of Diesel by Catalytic Oxidation; Laser-Deposition Technique for Savings in Pipelines 27 May 2011
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Catalysts for Gasoline Alkylation Desulfurization; Sequestering Carbon Dioxide Using Calcium Oxide; Photo-Based Disinfection in Pipelines for Reducing Microbial Corrosion 29 Apr 2011
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Ionic Liquids Used In Alkylation; Increasing Production of Ethylene and Propylene; New Catalysts for Aromatization of Alkanes 25 Mar 2011
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Obtaining Lower Olefins Using Negative Pressure; Addressing Calcium Looping Challenges for Carbon Capture; Patented Water Purification Process for Treatment of Saltwater 25 Feb 2011
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Using Heat Exchangers for Reducing Deasphalted Tar; Gas-Triggered Transformation Holds Potential for Carbon Capture; Waste Heat Recovery from Heat Exchangers 28 Jan 2011
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Anaerobic Treatment Addresses Dual Challenge from Biodiesel Industry; Carbon Capture Using Organic Molecular Porous Materials; Catalyst Enables High Performance in ULSD Units 24 Dec 2010
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Waste Cooking Oil Used to Produce Hydrogen; Alkane Dehydrogenation Undertaken by Novel Catalyst; Higher Lighter Olefins Production through Pyrolytic Cracking 24 Nov 2010
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Tungsten-Based Catalyst for Higher Octane Gasoline; Evaluating Quality of Coke and Bitumen of Refinery Feedstocks; Competing Technology to Traditional Fischer-Tropsch 25 Oct 2010
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Cold Lake Vacuum Residue Oil Hydroconversion; Spent FCC Catalyst Finds Usage in FT Reactions; Study of Deactivation of Hydroprocessing Catalyst 24 Sep 2010

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