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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Automotive & Transportation Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Global Autonomous Driving (AD) Industry Outlook, 2019
1 in 4 Cars Sold (18 Million) Globally is Expected to be Automated (L3 and Above) by 2030, with L4 Driving the Growth of Ownership
09 May 2019
Malaysian eMobility Sector in the Context of Electric Vehicle (EV) Developments in Southeast Asia, Forecast to 2022
Malaysia Targets to Become a Regional EV Hub by 2030
03 May 2019
Global Diesel Engine Technology Roadmap for Heavy-Duty Trucks
Despite the Push for Electric Vehicles, Diesel Propulsion is Likely to Account for 77.3% of HD Truck Sales in 2030. Upcoming Regulations in Developing Countries providing strong Opportunities for OEMs
25 Apr 2019
Chinese Commercial Vehicle Market Opportunity Analysis, 2017–2025
Alternate Powertrain Truck Sales Including Natural Gas (NG) and Electric Vehicle (xEV) to Reach 925,000 Units in 2025
11 Apr 2019
Company Profile of Grab
Grab, the Leader in the eHailing Market in Southeast Asia, has about 95% Share of the Taxi eHailing Market and about 71% Share of the Private Car eHailing Market
09 Apr 2019
The Philippines EV Market, Forecast to 2022
E-bikes are Likely to Continue Being the Largest Segment
03 Apr 2019
Global Shared and Autonomous Mobility Industry Outlook, 2019
Shared Mobility Market Outlined by Electro Mobility, Billion Dollar Investments, IPO’s, and Autonomous Mobility
02 Apr 2019
Global Powertrain Outlook, 2019
Diesel to Continue Decline, E-Mobility and 48V to Boom, and Cleaner Gasoline Engine Technologies to Surface
02 Apr 2019
ASEAN Automotive Outlook, 2019
Driven by Growing Domestic Consumption and Private Investments, TIV in Big 3 ASEAN Markets Expected to Cross 2.9 Million Units in 2019
27 Mar 2019
Global Electric Vehicle Market Outlook, 2019
Over 2.8 Million Electric Vehicles are Likely to be Sold in 2019 With China Being the Leader With 57% Market Share
25 Mar 2019
Global Automotive Industry Outlook, 2019
Connected, Shared, Electric and Autonomous Technologies to Dominate Industry Innovation in 2019
25 Mar 2019
Global School Bus Market Analysis, Forecast to 2025
School Bus Market is Poised to Reach 109,000 Units Globally by 2025, Driven by the Demand for Safe Transport of Children; Supporting Telematics Services will also see a Surge in Adoption
21 Feb 2019

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