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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Automotive & Transportation Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Australian Automotive Aftermarket Trends, 2018
Consolidation of Large Distributors Leads to the Evolution of a Two-step Channel
19 Sep 2018
Mobility and Other Downstream Services Market, Forecast to 2030
OEM and Service Provider Revenue from Downstream Services will Exceed $3 Trillion by 2030
04 Sep 2018
Application of Big Data Analytics in Construction Industry, Forecast to 2022
With Big Data Coming Into Picture Construction Industry is Expected to Witnesses Transformational Growth
30 Aug 2018
Global Strategic Analysis of Usage-based Insurance Market for Passenger Vehicles, Forecast to 2025
Hardware-agnostic Solutions and Data Analytics Expected to Disrupt the Connected Insurance Market
22 Aug 2018
Indonesia Malaysia and Thailand Car Parc Database, Forecast to 2022
Thailand to Remain Country with the Highest Vehicle Parc in ASEAN between 2018 and 2022
01 Aug 2018
Intelligent Mobility, 2018
New Mobility Business Models and Digital Transformation of the Automotive Industry
18 Jul 2018
Assessment of Indonesian Auto Leasing and Car Rental Market
Largest Auto Leasing and Rental Market in Southeast Asia that is Likely to Witness Strong Growth due to Increasing Acceptance among Customers
06 Jul 2018
Smart Farming and Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in ASEAN Countries, Forecast to 2022
ASEAN—Goldmine of Opportunities for Smart Farming and IoT Applications
20 Jun 2018
ASEAN Automotive Outlook, 2018
Vehicle Sales to Cross 3.5 Million Units in 2018 as Japanese Carmakers Continue to Lead the Market in Indonesia and Thailand
11 Jun 2018
Strategic Analysis of the Global Demand-Responsive Transit (DRT) Market, Forecast to 2030
50+ Cities Globally to Implement DRT Solutions by 2020
08 Jun 2018
Assessment of Thailand Auto Leasing and Car Rental Market
Second Largest Market in Southeast Asia that is Likely to Witness Strong Growth
30 May 2018
Profiles of Key e-Hailing Companies in ASEAN, 2018
Grab is the Market Leader in Southeast Asia with ~90% Share. Addressable Market for e-Hailing is Likely to Grow to ~$30 Billion by 2022
25 May 2018

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