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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Transportation and Logistics Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Impact of Blockchain on the Global Automotive Aftermarket, Forecast to 2025
Parts Authentication Through Digital Twining to Substantially Decrease Seepage of Counterfeit Products in the Supply Chain
26 Feb 2019
Europe; Visionary Innovation Leadership Award - Truck Road Service Management App Industry 15 Feb 2019
Europe; Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award - Cloud Scheduling Platforms for the Freight Forwarding Industry 06 Feb 2019
United States; Company of the Year Award - Automated On-demand Freight Brokerage 01 Feb 2019
Strategic Evaluation of Opportunities in the Polish Automotive Market, 2017–2022
Market is Set to Grow at a CAGR of 8.6% by 2022, Exceeding 825,000 LV Sales, Driven by Increasing Purchasing Power of Consumers and a Stable Economy
01 Feb 2019
Global Evolving Hyperloop Landscape, 2018–2025
Globally, At least 10 Companies are Actively Working Toward Building Commercially Viable Hyperloop Systems, with Cargo Transportation Expected to Commercialise First by 2022
18 Jan 2019
Automotive Electrification Presenting New Opportunities to Logistics and Supply Chain Companies 14 Jan 2019
Global Digital Freight Brokerage Market Opportunities, Forecast to 2025
With Venture Capitalist Funding Stoking Digital Brokerage Solutions That Improve Trucking Efficiency by Minimizing Empty Miles, Truck Brokerage Digitization to Grow at CAGR 33.6% Between 2017–2025
31 Dec 2018
Analysis of the Drone Delivery Landscape and the Evolving Business Opportunities, 2018
The Number of Delivery Drones in the Global eCommerce Industry Alone is Expected to be at least 2.2 Million Units by 2025 Growing at a CAGR of 87.5% from 2018
26 Dec 2018
Passenger Rail Connectivity Market in Europe and North America, Forecast to 2025
Passenger Rail Connectivity Market is Expected to be Valued at $9.77 Billion from the Period 2017 to 2025
26 Dec 2018
Europe; Technology Innovation Award - Artificial Intelligence Product Life Cycle Management Industry 18 Dec 2018
Strategic Analysis of the Indian Western Dedicated Rail Freight Corridor and Its Impact on Indian Logistics, 2017–2041
Freight Flows in India to be Revolutionised With Modern Facilities and State-of-the-art Equipment
18 Dec 2018

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