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The Space & Communications subscription offers a continually updated assessment of the space and satellite communications industries. We present forecasts and analysis of the satellite transponder leasing market divided by regions, and market evaluations on satellite manufacturing and evolving technologies such as satellite broadband service, HDTV, WiMAX.

Title Published
North America; New Product Innovation Award - The Global Navigation Satellite System Industry 18 Sep 2017
Global Satellite Transponder Market, Forecast to 2023
High-Bandwidth Coverage Continues to Expand and Drive New Growth Opportunities
12 Apr 2017
US Government and Military Satellite Market, Forecast to 2022
Intelligence and Information Gathering Drive Growth in the Face of Political Tensions Worldwide
11 Jan 2017
Global Satellite Internet of Things (IoT) Market, Forecast to 2022
Dynamic Vertical Markets Such as Oil and Gas and Aviation Spur Adoption for Satellite IoT and Provide New Growth Opportunities for S- and L-band Service Providers
05 Dec 2016
Navigating Digital Transformation in Healthcare
A Customer Perspective
23 Sep 2016
Global Satellite IoT Market Analysis
Vertical Markets Drive Growth Opportunities
24 Aug 2016
Global Satellite Transponder Market
Demand for Ka-Band Performance Continues to Drives Growth Opportunities
15 Jun 2016
Analysis of the Global Commercial Satellite Broadband Market
Ka-Band Drives New Growth Opportunities
19 May 2016
Terrestrial Network Tracker, Q1 2014–Q3 2015
Evolving Landline and Mobile Terrestrial Networks to Drive Revenues by Bridging Connectivity Gaps in Underserved Areas
02 May 2016
Analysis of the US Government Commercial Satellite Market
Government Spending Remains Strong Despite Decreased Military Activity
30 Dec 2015
Beijing Data Center Services Market Analysis
Massive Demand in Data Center Sector in China, Especially Beijing
28 Dec 2015
Terrestrial Communications Market
Satellite Services Bridge the Gaps Present in Wireline and Cellular Networks
11 Dec 2015

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