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Automotive Advanced Technologies, Industry Research, North America

Technology has revolutionized transportation to such an extent that a car has much more to offer than horsepower. Frost and Sullivan's Advanced Automotive Technologies subscription leads you through the various types of technologies used in contemporary vehicles and examines impact of emerging technologies and their potential popularity.

Title Published
Opportunity for Non Traditional Telematics Providers in Truck Telematics Market, 2017
Non Traditional Telematics Providers have a Market Share of 42.6% with Many More Participants Expected to Enter via Mergers and Acquisitions
30 Jul 2018
Americas Fleet Managers’ Desirability and Willingness to Pay for Fleet Management and Telematics Solutions, 2017
Understand Consumer Perceptions, Switching Behaviour and Willingness to Pay
26 Jul 2018
Top 5 Auto OEMs and Auto Market Analysis, 2017–2020
Vehicle Sales to Inch Closer to Three-figure Mark, Reaching 102.1 Million in 2020 with Demand from China to Account for about 29% of Total Sales
24 Jul 2018
North America; Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award - Vehicle API for App Development 23 Jul 2018
North America; Visionary Innovation Leadership Award - The Truck Stop App Industry 23 Jul 2018
Intelligent Mobility, 2018
New Mobility Business Models and Digital Transformation of the Automotive Industry
18 Jul 2018
North America; Customer Value Leadership Award - Automobile Repair Software Solutions 04 Jun 2018
US Rear Autonomous Emergency Braking System Market, 2017
R-AEB Addition After 2019 will Translate into Opportunities to Achieve NHTSA 5-star Ratings, an Upsurge in Technology, and Market Penetration
16 May 2018
North America; Technology Innovation Award - Usage-Based Insurance Industry 09 May 2018
M&A, Investment Trends and Opportunities in the Global Mobility Space, 2017
Globally more than 50 Buyouts Over the Last Two Years and Over $35 Billion Invested in 2017 in Shared Mobility
07 May 2018
North America; New Product Innovation Award - Electric Velomobile Solutions 30 Apr 2018
Automotive ECUs for ADAS and Autonomous Driving Systems, North America and Europe, 2017
E/E Architecture Will Transform from Multiple ECUs to 5 Domain Controllers
27 Apr 2018

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