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Automotive Advanced Technologies, Industry Research, North America

Technology has revolutionized transportation to such an extent that a car has much more to offer than horsepower. Frost and Sullivan's Advanced Automotive Technologies subscription leads you through the various types of technologies used in contemporary vehicles and examines impact of emerging technologies and their potential popularity.

Title Published
Impact of Autonomous Trucks on Telematics Services, Forecast to 2035
TSPs Adapt to Autonomous Trucking with a Range of New-age Services
11 Jan 2019
Future of Sedans in North America, 2018
Sedans to Emerge as Most Popular Bodystyle in Premium Electric Vehicle Segment by 2021
10 Jan 2019
Future of Global Shared Driverless Vehicles Market, Forecast to 2031
The Market for Shared Driverless Vehicles and Technology to be Worth $10.40 Billion by 2031
09 Jan 2019
Global Digital Freight Brokerage Market Opportunities, Forecast to 2025
With Venture Capitalist Funding Stoking Digital Brokerage Solutions That Improve Trucking Efficiency by Minimizing Empty Miles, Truck Brokerage Digitization to Grow at CAGR 33.6% Between 2017–2025
31 Dec 2018
Global Electric Bus Market Opportunity Analysis, 2017–2025
Potential for 148 Thousand eBus Sales Globally by 2025, Wherein China will be the Forerunner Followed by India and LATAM as High Growth Markets
31 Dec 2018
North America; Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award - Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Industry 28 Dec 2018
European and North American ADAS L1 and L2 Market, 2018
Demand for L2 and Higher Levels of Autonomy will Drive Uptake of L1 Functions
28 Dec 2018
Passenger Vehicle Growth Perspectives in Latin America, Forecast to 2023
Regional VIO parc is Expected to Increase from ~102.9 to ~122.5 Million Units, with Sales Reaching ~7.2 Million Units in 2023
27 Dec 2018
Analysis of the Drone Delivery Landscape and the Evolving Business Opportunities, 2018
The Number of Delivery Drones in the Global eCommerce Industry Alone is Expected to be at least 2.2 Million Units by 2025 Growing at a CAGR of 87.5% from 2018
26 Dec 2018
Passenger Rail Connectivity Market in Europe and North America, Forecast to 2025
Passenger Rail Connectivity Market is Expected to be Valued at $9.77 Billion from the Period 2017 to 2025
26 Dec 2018
Innovative Business Models in Automotive Finance and Insurance, Forecast to 2025
Fintech Growth in Finance and Insurance Expected to Boost New Car Loan and UBI Policy Volumes by 2025
20 Dec 2018
North America; Product Leadership Award - Class 8 Truck Market 14 Dec 2018

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