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Automotive Advanced Technologies, Industry Research, North America

Technology has revolutionized transportation to such an extent that a car has much more to offer than horsepower. Frost and Sullivan's Advanced Automotive Technologies subscription leads you through the various types of technologies used in contemporary vehicles and examines impact of emerging technologies and their potential popularity.

Title Published
North America; New Product Innovation Award - Cloud-Based Platform for In-Vehicle Data Monetization Solutions 16 Oct 2018
Strategic Automotive Profile of BYD, 2017–2025
Company Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 27.2% and Surpass Chinese Domestic Sales Revenue of Approximately $145 Billion
28 Sep 2018
North America; Technology Innovation Award - Solid State Battery Materials 25 Sep 2018
Global Automotive Cybersecurity Market, Forecast to 2025
By 2025, 68.0% of Market Investments Will be Raised from Technology Providers, Semiconductor Companies and Tier-I Suppliers
12 Sep 2018
Impact of EVs and PHEVs on the North American Automotive Aftermarket, Forecast to 2025
Overall Aftermarket Revenue to Drop 2% by 2025 with the Penetration of EVs/PHEVs in Vehicle Parc
06 Sep 2018
North America; New Product Innovation Award - Agriculture Technology Industry 04 Sep 2018
Mobility and Other Downstream Services Market, Forecast to 2030
OEM and Service Provider Revenue from Downstream Services will Exceed $3 Trillion by 2030
04 Sep 2018
Future of Vehicle Subscription—Business Models and Opportunities in North America and Europe, 2025
Vehicle Subscription Targets 10% of New Vehicles Sales by 2025
30 Aug 2018
Global Strategic Analysis of Usage-based Insurance Market for Passenger Vehicles, Forecast to 2025
Hardware-agnostic Solutions and Data Analytics Expected to Disrupt the Connected Insurance Market
22 Aug 2018
North America; Customer Value Leadership Award - Off-Highway Vehicle Telematics 17 Aug 2018
Opportunity for Non Traditional Telematics Providers in Truck Telematics Market, 2017
Non Traditional Telematics Providers have a Market Share of 42.6% with Many More Participants Expected to Enter via Mergers and Acquisitions
30 Jul 2018
Americas Fleet Managers’ Desirability and Willingness to Pay for Fleet Management and Telematics Solutions, 2017
Understand Consumer Perceptions, Switching Behaviour and Willingness to Pay
26 Jul 2018

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