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Global Powertrain and Electric Vehicle Research

This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Electric Vehicle Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Car Sharing Market in Poland, Forecast to 2020
Rapid Growth Expected to Increase Fleet Size Almost Threefold
11 Dec 2018
Analysis of Mergers & Acquisitions in the Global Automotive Industry, Forecast to 2025
More than 140 Active Acquirers to Target Innovative Startups in Multiple High-technology Acquisitions
07 Dec 2018
South African Electric Vehicles Market, Forecast to 2022
The Key to a Sustainable Source of Fuel for Transport
04 Dec 2018
Electric and Autonomous Vehicle Incentives in the US, Forecast to 2025
OEMs to Strategize Plan to Counter Expiration of their Incentives and Support Policies to Enable Total Sales of 3.3 Million EVs in 8 States by 2025
22 Nov 2018
Global Commercial Vehicle Electrification Potential and Trends, Forecast to 2025
Drop in Battery Pack Price Below $100/kwh Compounded by Slew of eTruck Product Launches to Capitalise on Subsidies are Poised to Push Electrification in MD & HD Truck Segment to 11.1% by 2025 Translating to 250,000 Market Opportunity
26 Oct 2018
North America; Enabling Technology Leadership Award - Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging 24 Oct 2018
Strategic Automotive Profile of BYD, 2017–2025
Company Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 27.2% and Surpass Chinese Domestic Sales Revenue of Approximately $145 Billion
28 Sep 2018
Impact of EVs and PHEVs on the North American Automotive Aftermarket, Forecast to 2025
Overall Aftermarket Revenue to Drop 2% by 2025 with the Penetration of EVs/PHEVs in Vehicle Parc
06 Sep 2018
Mobility and Other Downstream Services Market, Forecast to 2030
OEM and Service Provider Revenue from Downstream Services will Exceed $3 Trillion by 2030
04 Sep 2018
Intelligent Mobility, 2018
New Mobility Business Models and Digital Transformation of the Automotive Industry
18 Jul 2018
European Consumers’ Attitudes towards Diesel, Hybrid and Electric Cars—Key Findings, 2016
Customers are Aware and Willing to Consider xEVs as their Next Car Purchase
16 Jul 2018
Executive Analysis of BMW’s Global Powertrain Strategies, Forecast to 2030
Fully Electric Cars Could Constitute Up to 23% of Sales; Powertrain Modularity to be the Key to a Sustainable Transition
21 Jun 2018

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