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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Oil & Gas Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
2030 Vision for the Global Unconventional Gas Industry
Unconventional Gas Resource is going to Bolster the Supply Potential in Emerging Regions like Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Russia & CIS
20 Nov 2017
Application of Drones and Robots in Oil and Gas Industry – A Cost Effective and Safe Method of Inspection and Surveillance 30 Aug 2017
European Gas Storage Market: Will it be The Anchor point for Global Gas Supply 28 Aug 2017
Slow-paced development of resources in Latin America has led to increased dependence on gas imports 22 Aug 2017
South and East African Power Utilities, 2016
Reforms in Electricity Supply Industry Expected to Transform Power Infrastructure Scenario
30 Jun 2017
Turkish Generator Sets Market, Forecast to 2021
The Industry is Set to Continue its Growth Despite the Tough Market Conditions
13 Jun 2017
Global Refining Market, Trends and Opportunities, 2017
Amid the Decreasing Demand for Some Refined Products, Global Refining Hubs are Focusing on Increasing their Margins by Upgrading their Refineries
06 Jun 2017
Opportunities in the South African Natural Gas Market, 2015
Up to 37.8 Million Gigajoules of Fuel Can be Converted to Natural Gas from Existing Sources, Bringing the Total Natural Gas Market to 220.9 Million Gigajoules
31 May 2017
South African Electricity Market—2016 Snapshot
Changing Economy and Expanding Renewable Energy Set to Alter Future of the Electricity Supply Industry
08 May 2017
Outlook of the Global Oil and Gas Industry, 2017
Rebalancing in Oil Demand and Supply will Only Happen with More Production Cuts by OPEC and Non-OPEC Producers
04 Apr 2017
Annual Africa Utility Overview, 2016
A Combination of Region-specific Solutions and Disinvestment of Public Power Assets to Build a Diverse Private Energy Mix Will Help Africa Benefit from the 4th Industrial Revolution
28 Mar 2017
Asia-Pacific Energy and Environment Industry Outlook, 2017
Oil and Gas Turnaround Not Expected Despite Recovery while Smart Energy and Water Markets Hold Promise but High Growth Is Elusive
20 Mar 2017

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