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Big Data & Analytics (BDA)

The world is creating 2.5 exabytes of data every day. In that tidal wave of data, which areas are most relevant to your organization? How can you access, manage, and distribute data, in real time, to empower everyone in your organization to do their jobs better, and thus survive and prosper in today’s ultra-competitive global economy? Our Big Data and Analytics growth partnership service (BDA) can help. BDA brings actionable insight and useful commentary to buyers, sellers, investors, and anyone with a stake in the BDA market, assisting them in making informed decisions and capitalizing on market opportunities. We perform ongoing research and maintain contact with all relevant entities in the market in order to provide clients with up-to-date perspectives on industry trends, market measurements, strategic movements, and market forecasts. With a global team of more than 300 analysts and consultants focused on Big Data applications and enabling technologies, Frost & Sullivan provides the most comprehensive research into the ecosystem, new business models, business and consumer applications, and much more.

Contact your Frost & Sullivan account executive or Jeff Cotrupe +1 812.814.4410 today for more information about this beneficial program, available as Frost & Sullivan Service ID 9A37-C1.
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Title Published
Achieving Competitive Advantage through Data Preparation: Global Data Preparation Market Accelerating 16 Jun 2017
Distributed Order Management—Lynchpin of Delivering on the Omni-Channel Retail Promise 16 Jun 2017
Europe; Customer Value Leadership Award - SD-Wan Industry 31 May 2017
Artificial Intelligence and the Weather: Can AI Be Used to Mitigate the Impact of Weather on Business Processes? 26 May 2017
Big Data Analytics in Global Condition Monitoring, Forecast to 2023
Rise of New Business Models Through Focus on Software
11 May 2017
Digital Transformation in the Indian Healthcare Industry, 2016
e-Health Records and Telemedicine are Growing Rapidly across Urban and Rural Areas, Respectively
09 May 2017
Growth Opportunities for Service Providers in the Internet of Things (IoT)
As the Industry Evolves from Device Connectivity to Predictive Computing, Service Providers will Find Growth Opportunities in Vertical Markets and Horizontal Ecosystem Development
05 May 2017
Customer Acquisition Is Only the Beginning: Companies Need Comprehensive Customer Analytics to Retain and Monetize the Customers They Acquire 28 Apr 2017
US Healthcare Data Analytics Market, Forecast to 2020
How to Design, Implement, and Govern Value-based Healthcare Analytics?
17 Apr 2017
Service Quality is Non-Virtual: Performance Metrics must be Real and Near Real-Time 11 Apr 2017
Global Data Analytics for Industries Report, 2017–2023
Rise of Progressive Analytic Techniques Expected to Induce New Business Models in Manufacturing
04 Apr 2017
Innovations in Big Data Analytics for Healthcare
A study on Big Data applications in managing healthcare data effectively to improve patient outcomes
23 Mar 2017

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