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Visionary Innovation Research (Mega Trends)

This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Visionary Innovation Research Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
The Top Trends for 2018
The Power of Technology and Technology Companies
14 Feb 2018
Smart City Adoption Timeline
Anticipating the Global Advancement of Smart Cities
24 Jan 2018
Smart Cities of India, 2016–2021
Strategic Analysis of Six Prioritised Smart City Projects and Opportunities in India
28 Dec 2017
Smart City Scorecard
Top Global Smart Cities Maturing by Building on Foundational Areas of Excellence
15 Dec 2017
Urban Logistics Opportunities—Last-Mile Innovation
New Business Models are Unbundling the Urban Logistics Value Chain
15 Dec 2017
How Humans will Think, Behave, Experience, and Perform in Future, and the Implications to Businesses
13 Nov 2017
Smart City Perspective By Key Regions
Unbundling the Smart City Opportunity
11 Oct 2017
Future of B2B Online Retailing
Connected Marketplaces Transition from Transactional Hubs to Assistive Selling
02 Aug 2017
Smart Cities Funding Models
Bridging the Funding Gap of the Next Trillion-dollar Market
05 Jul 2017
Future of GCC, Forecast to 2025
The Growth Story of the Oil-Dependent Region through Economic Diversification and Socio-Political Reforms
30 Jun 2017
Future of Flying Cars, 2017–2035
Over 10 Companies Poised to Launch Flying Cars by 2022, with OEMs and Other Major Industry Participants Set to Join them with Prototypes in the Following 5 Years
24 May 2017
Future of ASEAN, Forecast to 2025
Potential Contribution of the Integration of 10 SEA Nations to Regional Growth and New Opportunities across Sectors
14 Mar 2017

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