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Visionary Innovation Research (Mega Trends)

This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Visionary Innovation Research Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Disruptive Forces to pave way for Innovative Business Models in Asia 25 Nov 2015
Mega Trends in Africa
Macro-to-micro Implications for Businesses, People, and Society
30 Sep 2015
Smart Cities of India
Strategic Analysis of Smart City Market Opportunity in India
30 Sep 2015
New Business Models of the Future
Analysis of Innovative and Emerging Best Practices and Implications to Future Value Chains to 2025
25 Sep 2015
The Future of the United States
The Social and Technological Forces Reshaping the Country
15 Sep 2015
New and Future Business Models for Energy Utilities
Distributed Generation, Smart Technology, and Renewable Energy Drive Business Model Innovation
09 Sep 2015
India Mega Trends Series (Part 2) – The Next Global Superpower 08 Sep 2015
India Mega Trends Series (Part 1) – The Next Global Superpower 08 Sep 2015
How Cisco is Setting the Trend for Future Workplaces—Vision 2020 03 Sep 2015
Changing Regulations - A boon to Africa?: A Review of the Industrial Policy Action Plan & the South African National Development plan 2030 05 Aug 2015
Logistics & Supply Chain Redefined: The Changing phase of Delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa 05 Aug 2015
Next-gen Economies: Impact of Mega Trend on Emerging Nations 04 Aug 2015

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