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Automotive Visionary Business Innovation Research

Automotive Visionary Business Innovation Research

Title Published
Europe; Visionary Innovation Leadership Award - Truck Road Service Management App Industry 15 Feb 2019
Europe; Customer Value Leadership Award - Automotive Workshop Management System Industry 13 Feb 2019
Top Automotive Trends In 2019: A Year Of Wows And Woes 11 Feb 2019
Voice of Customer Analysis of the Global Residential Battery Storage Market, 2016
Understanding Consumers’ Perceptions, Expectations, and Willingness to Pay for Residential Battery Energy Storage Solutions is Key to Market Success
11 Feb 2019
United States Urban Public Transport Vehicles Market and Dealership Analysis, Forecast to 2022
‘Buy America’ Standards to Boost Domestic Sourcing
11 Feb 2019
North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Highlights, 2019
Stable demand for SUVs, Rising Appeal of Performance Cars, and Next Generation Vehicle Electrification in the Spotlight
08 Feb 2019
North America; Technology Innovation Award - The Alternatives to Plastics Industry 06 Feb 2019
Europe; Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award - Cloud Scheduling Platforms for the Freight Forwarding Industry 06 Feb 2019
Bridgestone Acquires TomTom Telematics in a Win-Win Deal 05 Feb 2019
Movers & Shakers Interview: Uli Muench, Global Vice President of the Automotive Industry Business Unit at SAP 05 Feb 2019
Global Automotive Customer Relationship Management Market, Forecast to 2025
Cloud CRM will Gain Traction Among Small Dealerships and Increase Penetration to 35.0% by 2025
04 Feb 2019
United States; Company of the Year Award - Automated On-demand Freight Brokerage 01 Feb 2019

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