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Smart Cities

The natural evolution of green products and services will be into smart products and services, with intelligent sensing technology and Internet connectivity driving better optimization. Smart Cities: The need for smarter solutions and energy-efficient living will drive and foster clusters of smart communities called smart cities. Smart cities will be measured on the level of intelligence and integration of infrastructure that connects the healthcare, energy, building, transportation, and governance sectors.

Title Published
Global Smart Gas Meter Market, Forecast to 2025
Smart Metering-as-a-Service Will Create a New Revenue Stream for Manufacturers in the Regulated Smart Gas Meter Market
30 Jan 2018
United States Video Surveillance Market, Forecast to 2023
Smarter Security and Surveillance Technology Enhances Market Growth
26 Oct 2017
Digital Health Market Profile—Fitbit
Fitbit is Losing Steps as the Wearable Market Matures
25 Oct 2017
An End User Perspective on Navigating Digital Transformation in Energy and Utilities, Global, 2017
Gain a Competitive Advantage Using Insights from IT Buyers
12 Oct 2017
Smart City Perspective By Key Regions
Unbundling the Smart City Opportunity
11 Oct 2017
Smart Cities and Security—Are Governments Doing Enough to Keep Their Citizens Safe?, 2017
Internet of Things and Smart Cities Are Creating Opportunities for Global Vendors
11 Oct 2017
North American Digital Grid Communication Infrastructure, Forecast to 2023
Modernizing the Electric Grid through Connectivity
11 Oct 2017
Growth Opportunities for Smart Citizen Services in eGovernment
The Critical Services Shaping the Digital Visions of Governments are Mobile Solutions, Digital Payments, and ID Integration Services
06 Oct 2017
Innovations in Smart Water Systems 29 Sep 2017
Innovations in Urban Farming
Futuristic Urban Farming Technologies Are Vital for Improving Crop Quality and Increasing Yield to Address the Growing Food Crisis
21 Sep 2017
Reframing Smart Technology for the Smart City
Smart Technologies Create a Platform for Smart City Vertical Applications
15 Sep 2017
Innovations in Smart Sensors
Consumer Electronics, Home and Building Automation Sectors Drive Growth Opportunities
05 Sep 2017

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