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With the Technical Insights Plastics Technology Resource, clients receive a comprehensive analysis of technologies being developed and applied in various market segments. For example, in content about processing technology, subscribers receive analysis on cutting edge, dominant trends in injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, rotational molding, RP composites, automation and parts handling, and machine controls, to name just a few categories.

Title Published
Aerospace and Defense Technology Alert. Single Board Computers Resist Mechanical/Thermal Shocks and Vibrations; Radar Jammer Helps Shield US Navy and Air Force Planes; Satellite Communications Helps Secure Digital Modular Tactical Radios 24 Jul 2015
Sensor Technology Alert. Electronic Sensing Device for Chemical Vapors; Ultrasonic Fingerprint Three-Dimensional Sensor; Smart Piezoelectric Material to Harvest Energy 24 Jul 2015
Microelectronics Technology Alert. Advancements in Transparent Displays 24 Jul 2015
Inside R&D Alert. Personalized and Mobile Software Development Kits Enable Increased Diffusion of Augmented Reality; Predictive Maintenance Monitoring System for Aerospace and Defence Equipment 24 Jul 2015
Medical and Diagnostic Imaging Technology Alert. Imaging App for Ultrasound; Compatible Leads for MRI Systems; Innovative Contrast Agents for Preclinical Imaging 17 Jul 2015
Sensor Technology Alert. Novel Method to Manufacture Cost-Effective Magnetic Sensors; Wearable Ultra-Sensitive Strain Sensors; Ultra-Fast Line Scan Sensors 17 Jul 2015
Inside R&D Alert. Novel Microchip-Enabled Drug-Delivery System; Technology for Reducing Diesel Engine Emissions; Head-Up Displays Get Transformed into Consumer Wearables 17 Jul 2015
IT; Computing and Communications Technology Alert. Machine Learning-Based Optimized Prediction Software; Technological Enhancements in Ubiquitous Computing Enable Smarter Environments; Dimensions of Image Recognition Technology 17 Jul 2015
Microelectronics Technology Alert. Advancements in Brain-Computer Interfacing Technologies 17 Jul 2015
Futuretech Alert. Quantum Dots Technology–The Future Outlook 17 Jul 2015
Future of Customer Experience with User Interface Technologies (Technical Insights)
Innovations enabling human-machine interactions of the future
13 Jul 2015
Deep Learning Interfaces: Future of AI (Technical Insights)
Deep Learning Unravels Layers of Patterns in Large Data
13 Jul 2015

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