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Technical Insights - Digital Media

The Digital Media Technology Alert is Technical Insights' new technology research subscription that reports on the latest advances in the broad range of technology.

Title Published
Technologies Impacting the Future of Education
AI, Mixed Reality, XaaS, Wearables Will Shape the Classroom of the Future
29 Sep 2017
Technology Companies to Action--Trading Platform for Cryptocurrencies 29 Sep 2017
Technologies Transforming Digital Media and Advertising
Technology drivers for Media and Entertainment industry With Analysis on Stakeholders and Their Innovations
27 Sep 2017
Advanced Analytics: Disruptive Opportunities
Technologies Enabling Digital Transformation Through New Value Streams
27 Sep 2017
Cyber Security Innovations in the Connected World
Unified Security Management is the way forward
01 Jun 2017
Technology Growth Series--Market Trends and Emerging Opportunities for Big Data Analytics 19 Apr 2017
Technology Growth Series--Immersive Computing is Likely to Have Implications Both in the World of Consumers and Commercial Users 06 Apr 2017
Technology Companies to Action--Artificial Intelligence-based Predictive Tool for Healthcare 07 Mar 2017
Technology Companies to Action--Intelligent Agent 27 Feb 2017
IP Trends and Landscape Analysis Series--Artificial Intelligence (AI) 09 Jan 2017
Frost & Sullivan Awards for Next Generation Processors and Controllers for Consumer Electronics (Technical Insights) 04 Feb 2014
Sensor Technology Alert. Positioning System Aimed at Benefitting Firefighters; Project for Gathering Air Pollution Information of a City; Smart Parking Sensors Gain Traction 18 Jan 2014

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