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The Total Technical Insights Technology Alert is Technical Insights' new technology research subscription that reports on the latest advances in the broad range of technology.

Title Published
Emerging innovations in India
Impact of Emerging Technologies in India
29 Sep 2018
Future of 3Rs: Impact of Visualization Technologies in Manufacturing
Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Create New Opportunities in the Manufacturing Sector
28 Sep 2018
Emerging Sensor Technologies Impacting the Marine Sector
Sensors, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence Drive Opportunities in the Marine Industry
28 Sep 2018
Gene Editing and Gene Therapy Breakthroughs Propelling Mainstream Treatments
A new wave of gene therapy treatments to revolutionize treatment of inherited diseases
28 Sep 2018
Disruptive Opportunities for Intelligent Home Automation in India
Assessment on Emerging Applications and Opportunities in India
28 Sep 2018
Emerging Opportunities for Materials Derived from Crude Oil in a Decarbonized and Circular World
Oil and Gas Companies with Integrated Downstream Capabilities Re-align Their Businesses to Benefit From Emerging Opportunities in Circular Economy
28 Sep 2018
Technology Convergence Enabling Future of Digital Work
Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Edge Computing, And Robotic Process Automation Drive Opportunities in Future Workplace
28 Sep 2018
Technologies Enabling Smart Water Grid
ICT- Integrated Smart Water Grid With Remote Monitoring and Water Distribution Management Results in Effective Water Conservation
28 Sep 2018
Technology Innovations Enabling Precision Robotic Surgery
New Surgical Paradigm to Deliver Value across Markets
28 Sep 2018
Next-gen Solar Cells: Innovations and Impact Analysis
Solar Cell Technologies with Disruptive Potential
28 Sep 2018
Self-healing Coatings: Opportunity Analysis
Automotive, Aerospace, and Oil & Gas Industries Drive Adoption of Self-healing Coatings
28 Sep 2018
Emerging Technologies in Printing
Growth Opportunities in the Commercial and Industrial Sectors with Advanced Printing
28 Sep 2018

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