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Technical Insights - Energy & Power

The Power Supplies and Batteries Vertical Industry subscription provides analysis of and timely information on all recent developments.

Title Published
Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology Alert. Anti-Wear Coating for Consumer Products; Mercury- and Ozone-Free Coating and Curing Solution; Coating Facilitates Sensing of Cracks in Concrete Surfaces 25 Jul 2014
Oil and Gas Technology Alert. Microbial Nutrients-Free Trapped Oil; Feed Injection System Capable of Improving the Efficiency of Fluid Catalytic Cracking; Burner Technology to Reduce NOx Emissions in Refineries 25 Jul 2014
Nanotech Alert. Prevention of Icing with Nano-Structured Surfaces; Advanced Production Method for Titania Nanoparticles; Advanced Nanofibers for Aerospace Nanocomposites 25 Jul 2014
Industrial Bioprocessing Alert. Photosynthetic Marine Microorganisms Observed to Release Lipids into Seawater; Production of Fruit Milkshake High in Antioxidants; Biosensor Could Pave Way for Next Era Biorefining Process 25 Jul 2014
High-Tech Materials Alert. Research Aimed at Improving Thermal Efficiency of Carbon Fiber Manufacturing; Innovative Pervoskite-Based Solar Cells; Use of Hydrogen Sulphide for Treatment of Mitochondrial Disorders 25 Jul 2014
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Alert. Wearable Robot for Performing Household Tasks; Novel Method to Develop Thermoelectric Materials; Innovative Technique to Develop Lightweight Cellular Composites 25 Jul 2014
Sensor Technology Alert. Multipurpose Sensor for Monitoring Home Environment; Wearable Device for Monitoring Alcohol Consumption; Detecting Explosives with Tiny Sensors 25 Jul 2014
Inside R&D Alert. Joint R&D on Improved Wind Turbines; R&D Excellence at Alcoa’s Tech Center in Pennsylvania; Engine R&D at the University of Wisconsin, Madison 25 Jul 2014
Inside R&D Alert. Augmented Reality Glasses for Education; Geo-Thermometer for Detection of Methane Source; Optical System to Address Light Scattering Issue in Image Formation 18 Jul 2014
High-Tech Materials Alert. Enhanced Alloy Material for High-Performance Bearings; Magnetic Cooling Facilitates Greener Refrigeration; Bio-Based Battery for the Power Generation Sector 18 Jul 2014
Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology Alert. Protective Coatings for Sustainable Wind Power Generation; Biobased Waterphilic Nanoparticle Coating; Surface Electro-Catalytic Activity of Boron Nitride for Cost-Effective Catalysis 18 Jul 2014
Industrial Bioprocessing Alert. Portable Anaerobic Digester Used for Biogas Production from Food Waste; Genetically Engineered Trees Facilitate Pulp Production for Pulp and Paper Industry; Acoustic Technology to be Used in Bioprocessing 18 Jul 2014

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