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The Power Supplies and Batteries Vertical Industry subscription provides analysis of and timely information on all recent developments.

Title Published
Technology Innovations Empowering Airport Security (Technical Insights)
Detecting & Tackling Threats and Enhancing Passenger Experience
29 Jun 2015
Nanotech Alert. Nanotechnology Enhancing and Creating Works of Art; Nanorobots that Swim through Blood; Cooling Hot Nanostructures 26 Jun 2015
Industrial Bioprocessing Alert. Water Target Setting In Beverage Factories Reduces Water Consumption; Research Offers Potential for Production of Solar Cells from Organic Waste; Alternative Protein-Rich Diet for Pigs 26 Jun 2015
Environment and Building Technology Alert. Biological Buildings 26 Jun 2015
Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology Alert. Surface Treated Titanium Alloys for Delayed Corrosion and Better Bone Growth; Organic Components Facilitate Development of Next-Gen Solar Cells 26 Jun 2015
High-Tech Materials Alert. Cadmium-Free Quantum Dot Technology for Digital Screens; Admixture Range for Low Viscosity Concrete; Separation of Rare Earth Elements Made Cost-Effective 26 Jun 2015
Inside R&D Alert. Wide Area Network for Internet of Things; Biofuel from Algae can Drive Renewable Economy; Moss can be used for Cancer Treatment 26 Jun 2015
Sensor Technology Alert. Organic Semiconductors Enhance Image Sensors; Fiber Optic Sensor Rapidly Detects Small Temperature Change; Quantum Technique Improves Microcantilever Sensors 26 Jun 2015
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Alert. Developments in Human Presence Detection; 2D Molybdenum Disulfide Chemical Sensors; Developments in MEMS Gyros and Combo Sensors 26 Jun 2015
Futuretech Alert. Greenhouse Gas Bioconversion 19 Jun 2015
Nanotech Alert. Graphene-Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites; Research on Nano-Enhanced Concrete; MIT Nanotech Research Yields Commercial Nonstick Coating 19 Jun 2015
Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology Alert. Scratch Resistant Smartphone Glass Coating Makes Viewing Easier; Hydrophobic Conformal Coatings and Silicon Seal for Waterproofing Electronic Devices 19 Jun 2015

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