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Technical Insights - Energy & Power

The Power Supplies and Batteries Vertical Industry subscription provides analysis of and timely information on all recent developments.

Title Published
Energy & Power Systems Technology Alert. Fuel Cells & Big Wind Power 01 May 2015
Nanotech Alert. Zyvex Technologies Finds Nanomaterial Markets in Automotive Racing; Printing Flexible Circuits with Nanoparticle Liquid Metal Inks; Nanoscale Graphene Used to Build Ultrafast Photodetectors 01 May 2015
Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology Alert. Heavy, Metal-Free, High-Performance Anti-Corrosion Coatings; Versatile Nanocomposite-Based Coating Technology; Degradation Resistant, Surface Coated Lost Circulation Material for Drilling 01 May 2015
High-Tech Materials Alert. Metal-Free, Cost-Effective Catalyst Developed for Fuel Cells; Epitaxial Thin Film Material for Fuel Cell Applications; Innovative Smart Glass for Better Ambience and User Experience 01 May 2015
Automotive and Transportation Technology Alert. Recent Observations from Automotive Industry Legend Bob Lutz; A 1 MW (1,341 HP) Electric Concept Car from Finland; Road Tests on the Streets of Monterey County in California 01 May 2015
Industrial Bioprocessing Alert. Studying Yeast Survival at High Temperatures for Good Tasting Beer; Production of Bio-Based Polymers from Lignin; Technique Enables Elimination of Rootstock Regrowth 01 May 2015
Sensor Technology Alert. Biometric Sensors could Boost Driver Safety; Improved X-Ray Wavelength Measurement; Ultra-Thin Accelerometers 01 May 2015
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Alert. Reducing Hand Tool Noise and Vibration; Enhancements in 3D Sensing; Nanoscale Tungsten Study Could Provide Valuable Data on Making Stronger Metals 01 May 2015
Inside R&D Alert. Magnetic Nanoparticles could Treat Parkinson's without Surgery; Studying Pollution as a Stroke Risk; Uncovering the Mystery of Iron's Ubiquity 01 May 2015
Sensor Technology Alert. Temperature Sensor Enabled by Carbon Nanotubes and Tobacco Cells; Wireless Thumbnail Track Pad; Smart PIR Sensor for Smart Home Applications 24 Apr 2015
High-Tech Materials Alert. DNA-Lipid Mesophase-Based Material for Biosensing Applications; Technology for Evaluating Strength before Development; Highly Durable Microcapsules for Efficient and Rapid Carbon Capture 24 Apr 2015
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Alert. 3D Printer for Printing Soft Objects from Fabric; Novel Method for Large-Scale Production of 2D Materials; Scalable Method for Energy Efficient Manufacturing of Aircraft Parts 24 Apr 2015

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