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The Power Supplies and Batteries Vertical Industry subscription provides analysis of and timely information on all recent developments.

Title Published
Inside R&D TechVision Opportunity Engine. Turning Clotting Agents into Clot Removers; British Universities Demonstrate Acoustic Tractor Beam; Microbial Photosynthesis to Energize the Future by Hydrogen Production 27 Nov 2015
Inside R&D TechVision Opportunity Engine. Enzyme Discoveries could Reduce Cancer Cell Growth; B Cell Drug Offers Potential Multiple Sclerosis Treatment; Platform Provides more Granular Customer Data Analysis 20 Nov 2015
Sensor Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine. Novel Sensor Based on Photodetection Principle; Chemiresistive Sensors for Food Safety; Electrochemical Sensor-Based Food Safety Checker Device 20 Nov 2015
Nanotechnology TechVision Opportunity Engine. Producing Carbon Nanofibers from Carbon Dioxide; Treating Medical Implant Infections with Nanoparticles; Sculpting 3D Nanostructures 20 Nov 2015
Advanced Manufacturing Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine. Software Suite for 3D Printing of Composite Thermoplastics; 3D-Printed Sensors for Aircraft Monitoring; Method for Creating Graphene Ink for Printed Electronics 20 Nov 2015
Futuretech TechVision Opportunity Engine--Screenless Display– Viewing Images in Space 20 Nov 2015
Industrial Bioprocessing TechVision Opportunity Engine--Capture of Greenhouse Gases using Biological Methods 20 Nov 2015
Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine--Recent Innovations in Self-Healing Coatings 20 Nov 2015
Environment and Building Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine--Innovations in Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning, Oil Spill Management 20 Nov 2015
High-Tech Material TechVision Opportunity Engine--Recent Advances in Extruded Polystyrene and Expanded Polystyrene for Building and Construction 20 Nov 2015
Sensor Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine. Enhancements in Force Sensing Resistors; Energy Harvesting Circuit Advances Low-Power Sensing; Greater Insights into Protein Structure via DNP-NMR 14 Nov 2015
Advanced Manufacturing Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine. Novel 3D Printer to Print Functional Objects; Pop-Up Manufacturing Method to Produce Millimeter Force Sensors; Assisting Systems Developed By the Automotive Industry 13 Nov 2015

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