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Technical Insights - Medical Devices

The Medical Devices Vertical Industry subscription provides analysis of and timely information on all recent developments.

Title Published
Medical and Diagnostic Imaging Technology Alert. Breast Cancer Imaging Technologies 29 Aug 2014
Sensor Technology Alert. Innovative Monolithic and Wafer-Level Packaged 3D Accelerometer; Opportunities for Inertial Sensors in Activity Monitoring; Wearable Graphene Nanoelectronic Heterodyne Vapor Sensor 29 Aug 2014
Microelectronics Technology Alert. Next Generation Application Processors 29 Aug 2014
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Alert. 3D Printing for LED Optics; Convergence of 3D Printing and Targeted Drug Delivery Promises Better Healthcare; Robots for Corrosion Detection of Infrastructure 29 Aug 2014
Genetic Technology Alert. Silencing Genes in HPV Leads to Stopping Cervical Cancer Cell Growth; Clinical Trial Stage 3 Completed for Dengue Vaccine; Antioxidants Discovered to Reduce Huntington’s Disease Symptoms 29 Aug 2014
Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology Alert. Producing Chitin-Based Whitening Pigment through Bio Mimicking Beetle's Morphology; Waterproof and Stain-Resistant Coating for Textile Industry 29 Aug 2014
High-Tech Materials Alert. Improved Carbon Fiber Fabrics with Better Structural Integrity and Lower Porosity; Silica-Based Material for Cost-Effective Mercury Removal; Lightweight Composite Material for Improved NVH Management in Automobiles 29 Aug 2014
Inside R&D Alert. Bioengineering R&D at UCLA; Bioengineering R&D Breakthrough Assists Paraplegics; Low-Cost Display Unit Using Perovskite 29 Aug 2014
Genetic Technology Alert. Next Generation Clinical Utility in Embryo Screening; Clinical and Research Services for Next Generation Sequencing and Genotyping; Next Generation Sequencing Developments in Europe 22 Aug 2014
Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology Alert. Metal Alloy-Based Coating for Etching and Gold Plating in Electronics Industry; Urethane-Based Coating to Combat Moisture Retention on Floors; Advanced Spider Silk-Based Coating for Implants 22 Aug 2014
Futuretech Alert. Floating LNG--The Processing and Transport of Natural Gas at Sea 22 Aug 2014
Microelectronics Technology Alert. Touch Technology 22 Aug 2014

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