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Technical Insights - Food & Beverage Ingredients

The Food & Beverages Vertical Industry subscription provides analysis of and timely information on all recent developments.

Title Published
Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology Alert. Innovative Coating Technology with Self-Cleaning Feature; Adhesive System Capable of Performing in Moist Environments; Melanin-Based Nanocoating for Electronic Components 17 Apr 2015
Inside R&D Alert. Carbon Nanofibers could Improve Parkinson's Therapy; Swiss Researchers Use X-Rays and Water Guns to Study Air/Water Interface; Cost-Effective and Shelf-Stable Antivenin for Sub-Saharan Africa 17 Apr 2015
Futuretech Alert. Software-Defined Everything--The Future of Organizational Infrastructure 17 Apr 2015
Genetic Technology Alert. Personalized Treatment for Prostate Cancer Patients; Personal Genomics Paves the Way for Future Medicine and Health; Gene Therapy for Ophthalmic Diseases 17 Apr 2015
Genetic Technology Alert. Innovative Cell-Free DNA Blood Test to Detect Down Syndrome; Novel Experimental Vaccine for Ebola; Novel Antibody Therapy to Reduce HIV Loads 10 Apr 2015
Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology Alert. Coating Technique Facilitates Regulated Deposition of Photo Active Layers on Solar Cells; Research on Water-Borne Coatings to Characterize their Film Formation Behavior 10 Apr 2015
Inside R&D Alert. Producing Batteries from Peanuts; Light Data Unlocks Exoplanet Cloud Properties; Promising Ceramic Materials Technology can Lead to Lighter Batteries 10 Apr 2015
Inside R&D Alert. Fish Exposed to Estrogenic Chemicals Display Transgenerational Reproductive Effects; High-Energy Density Flow Battery; Low-Cost Hydrogen-Bromine Flow Batteries for Grid Utility Energy Storage 03 Apr 2015
Genetic Technology Alert. Nanoparticle-Based Wound Therapy Developed; Cancer Drug Found To Be Effective in Treating Arterio-Venous Malformations; Gene Responsible for Insulin Resistance Discovered 03 Apr 2015
Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology Alert. Protective Coatings for Implants 03 Apr 2015
Impact Assessment of Materials in Wind Energy Generation (Technical Insights)
Assessment of Materials Used for Wind Turbine Blades
30 Mar 2015
Impact Assessment of Graphene in Key Sectors
Graphene as a next generation material for industrial and commercial applications
30 Mar 2015

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