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Green Energy

The Green Energy industries have grown at an increasingly rapid speed attracting quadrupling investment over the last four years. Driven by such fundamental factors as the need for greater energy diversity and security and environmental concerns, the Green Energy sector has also benefited from the record high oil prices.

Title Published
North America; Technology Innovation Award - Fuel Cells for Backup Power 17 Sep 2018
Movers & Shakers Interview with Mivatek Smart Connect 07 Sep 2018
Technological Advances to Boost the Harmonic Filters Market 07 Sep 2018
Programmable DC Power Supplies and DC Electronic Load Penetration in the Global Market 07 Sep 2018
North America Building Technology Buying Processes and Bid Spec Process Evaluation, 2017
Adopting a Traditional Approach Rather than a Collaborative Approach to Project Management is the Main Reason for Sub-par Project Efficiency
31 Aug 2018
Impact of Additive Manufacturing (3D/4D Printing) on the Global Energy Sector
Utilizing Additive Manufacturing Technology to Drive a New Wave of Innovation
28 Aug 2018
North America; New Product Innovation Award - Smart Glass Industry 24 Aug 2018
Global Renewable Energy Outlook, 2018
Renewable Power Generation Capacity to Grow by 13.3% in 2018, Led by Solar PV and Wind Power
17 Aug 2018
Global Connected Street Lighting and Smart Lamp Poles Market, Forecast to 2024
Connected Street Lighting to Create a ‘Multi Service Platform’ for Smart City Applications
09 Aug 2018
Global; Technology Innovation Award - Data Centre Infrastructure Solutions Industry 17 Jul 2018
IPP, Licensing and Market Reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa’s Energy Landscape, 2018
Growing Need for a Dynamic Energy Mix and the Demand for Private Investment will Create New Opportunities for Independent Power Producers
13 Jul 2018
Dynamic Start-ups in the Homes and Buildings Ecosystem, 2017
Software is Transforming the Industry, Where More than 60% of Start-ups Provide Software-based Solutions, Optimising Building Performance
09 Jul 2018

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