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Green Energy

The Green Energy industries have grown at an increasingly rapid speed attracting quadrupling investment over the last four years. Driven by such fundamental factors as the need for greater energy diversity and security and environmental concerns, the Green Energy sector has also benefited from the record high oil prices.

Title Published
Small Hydropower Market in Southeast Asia, Forecast to 2022
1–10MW Turbines Witnessing Increased Adoption due to Decreasing Site Availability and the Impacts of Climate Change
10 Jun 2019
Transformation of the Lighting Market in Asia-Pacific, 2019
LED Revolution, Smart Technology, and New Business Models Propelling a Paradigm Shift
03 Jun 2019
Building Automation System Market in Southeast Asia, Forecast to 2023
BAS to Endure with New Business Models and Smart Cities Development in Southeast Asia
31 May 2019
Europe; Technology Innovation Award - Tire Upcycling Technology 29 May 2019
African Power Pools Outlook, 2018
Regional Interconnections to Drive Power Pool Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
16 May 2019
Global; Visionary Innovation Leadership Award - Digital Transformation in the Chemical Industry 08 May 2019
Global Emergency Lighting Market, Forecast to 2025
High Regulatory Compliance and Intelligent Lighting Technologies Will Drive the Emergency Lighting Market by 2025
03 May 2019
Global Homes and Buildings (H&B) Industry Outlook, 2019
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Voice Command Control, and IoT-enabled Lighting to Drive the Industry Forward
29 Apr 2019
Growth Opportunities in the Stationary Fuel Cell Market, Forecasts to 2030
Increasing Acceptability and Falling Costs to Drive the Market for Fuel Cells
23 Apr 2019
Technology Innovations in the Global Wind Energy Market, 2030
Innovations in the Wind Energy Market are Focussing on Cost Reduction in Design, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Construction
16 Apr 2019
Asia-Pacific Energy and Environment Industry Outlook, 2019
Digitalization Set to Shake Up the Energy and Building Segments as Key Participants Strive to Stay Competitive
11 Apr 2019
Global Benchmarking of Sustainability Trends in Industrial Sector
The Sustainability strategies of responsible global industrial companies are focused on achieving a low-carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive economy
29 Mar 2019

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