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Green Energy

The Green Energy industries have grown at an increasingly rapid speed attracting quadrupling investment over the last four years. Driven by such fundamental factors as the need for greater energy diversity and security and environmental concerns, the Green Energy sector has also benefited from the record high oil prices.

Title Published
Global; Growth Innovation Leadership (GIL) Award - Global BEMS Market 15 Jan 2019
World Lighting Controls Market, Forecast to 2025
Brand Agnostic Software Solutions will Adopt a Data-driven Approach in Creating Intelligent Lighting Environments
10 Jan 2019
Microbiome Technologies Fueling Human Health and Wellness
Emerging Microbiome Platforms Disrupting Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages and the Consumer Care Industries
27 Dec 2018
North America; Customer Value Leadership Award - Building Energy and Facility Optimization 07 Dec 2018
Europe; Customer Value Leadership Award - Electric Mobility Operator 21 Nov 2018
North America; Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award - Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Industry 14 Nov 2018
Global Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment Market, Forecast to 2025
Internet of Things (IoT)-related Advances Transforming Operational Efficiency and Driving Innovation
31 Oct 2018
European Solar Power Market, Forecast to 2025
Double-digit Growth is Forecast for the European Solar PV Market, Thanks to Declining Prices, Ambitious Targets and Strong Growth in Utility-scale Projects
24 Oct 2018
Europe; Technology Innovation Award - Plastic Waste-to-Energy 15 Oct 2018
Emerging Asian Companies in the Secondary Battery Market 15 Oct 2018
India; Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award - Smart LED Lighting Industry 10 Oct 2018
North America; Customer Value Leadership Award - Energy Contracting Industry 09 Oct 2018

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