Suhasini Molkuvan

Dr. Suhasini Molkuvan is passionate in contributing to the growth of the pharmaceutical industry. She has spent more than 14 years focusing on uncovering the key unmet areas and providing strategic consulting support to pharmaceutical and life sciences clients in the MEASA region. She firmly believes that being a strategic consultant, the primary job is to help pharmaceutical clients identify their short-term and long-term growth opportunities. Dr. Suhasini currently heads the Pharmaceutical and Lifesciences vertical of Transformational Health business unit for the MEASA region at Frost & Sullivan. In her current role, Dr. Suhasini works on unveiling the futuristic trends and most promising business models in the pharma domain, traversing with the clients in identifying the most impactful opportunities enabling them to reimagine their business with the end objective of Sustainable Value Creation to all stakeholders involved in the value chain. She is an animal lover and works as a volunteer at animal NGOs trying to do her bit for stray cats and dogs. She envisages starting her own animal NGO for stray animals making a difference to the lives of the most loyal and humble creatures on the planet.