Did you know that B2B marketers spend 20-30% of their annual budget on event marketing and that event marketing is actually one of the top four spending areas — ahead of social media, customer intelligence, and email marketing?

Event marketing offers a slew of options. From sponsoring large industry conferences and tradeshows to intimate seminars and company-hosted dinners. You might even host events as part of your event marketing plan.

Event marketing is a tremendous way to target or find new prospects, establish and increase customer relationships, and engage with your prospects and customers face-to-face.

However – spending 20-30% of your annual budget on event marketing is a huge investment and many organizations regularly struggle with maximizing their significant investment to fully attribute revenue generation and track ROI. Event marketing is more than just a launching pad to announce products and services, grow brand awareness or grow your sales pipeline.

Implementing your event plan with a few essentials in place every time, you will boost your results consistently. Watch the Vlog to get the five essential tips and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!