We’ve all been there…staring at our screen waiting for some brilliant idea to flow thru our fingers into the keyboard. Creating relevant and valuable content for the communities we serve is a constant challenge for me; especially when you’re pushing out content on a consistent schedule.

I often find myself struggling to develop ideas and feeling miserable because I’ve got “writer’s block,” as we call it. When, in reality, we need to take a different approach. I recently read an infographic that provided just the inspiration I needed to turn my frustration into joy. I’m going to share with you the main points, as well as the link to the article.

  1. Remind yourself why you want to write and rediscover the joy of writing.
  2. Make idea generation a habit.
  3. Follow your curiosity.
  4. Cut the writing process into small steps to beat procrastination.
  5. Stop worrying about originality, you are unique.

Read the full article for more details and suggestions to accomplish each point. I hope you find the details as valuable as I did.