Consulting Toolbox

Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Consulting solutions help clients create and implement compelling growth strategies, resulting in increased sales, profitability,and competitiveness.

The most important phase of any Frost & Sullivan Growth Consulting project is the initial discussion with the client, during which the consulting team develops a clear understanding of the client’s needs, its opportunities and challenges, and the potential impact of these issues on the client’s business. The next step is the development of a consulting proposal that outlines how our consultants and industry analysts will address the client’s unique needs using Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Consulting methodologies.


These methodologies help ensure that the most profitable growth strategies are identified. Methodologies include market engineering, customer research (using a full range of qualitative and quantitative analysis tools), competitive intelligence, technology research, econometric and economic analysis, organizational capability and readiness-to-change assessment, business process reengineering, change management, operational excellence, best practice management, and organizational redesign techniques.

Growth Strategy Development

Year after year, CEOs cite driving growth as their top priority. However, research shows that as many as 80% of all companies will fail within their first 18 months—underscoring just how difficult it is to develop and sustain a profitable growth engine. Numerous challenges can derail a company’s strategy, from poor opportunity identification to unsuccessful implementation. Each company’s methods for avoiding these pitfalls are unique, and Frost & Sullivan is poised to help you realize your company’s own vision. Frost & Sullivan offers extensive best practice-based expertise and tools to help you evaluate, prioritize, and pursue your company’s universe of growth opportunities.

Growth Strategy Implementation

Many companies develop promising growth strategies, only to see them fail due to unsuccessful implementation. Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Implementation Solutions team helps clients develop processes and programs that support the efficient and successful implementation of your growth strategies.

Frost & Sullivan offers a range of tools, organizational design expertise, and coaching capabilities to help clients assess their implementation skills, identify challenges, and devise improvement strategies. Our Growth Implementation Solutions team supports clients’ strategy execution efforts through tailored best practices implementation programs, networking events, and other solutions.

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Given the unpredictability of today’s economic environment, it’s more important than ever to approach new market opportunities with deliberation and planning. Frost & Sullivan offers comprehensive coverage of every major market sector. This unique coverage provides our clients with a global perspective that enables them to capture business opportunities faster and with less risk.

Our Market Engineering research team delivers detailed market assessments and monitors trends over time, enabling us to forecast market developments, identify emerging opportunities, and understand the competitive landscape.

This foundation allows us to guide clients on which market opportunities to pursue, when, and how. Our go-to-market strategy techniques address the important questions of who your target market should be, what your product portfolio should consist of, how you should price your products, how you should promote your products, and where you should sell them.

Mega Trends Ideation

Mega Trends are global, sustained, macroeconomic forces of development that affect business, economies, societies, cultures, and personal lives.  In essence, these trends —such as urbanization and connectivity and convergence—will define our future world.

All organizations operate within the convergence of internal and external challenges to growth (we call this the “Growth Environment”). Balancing these internal and external challenges is a prerequisite for optimizing growth and spotting emerging opportunities. Mega Trends set the stage for visionary thinking by identifying the most important global macro forces, potential scenarios of specific trends in 2020-2030, and the implications of these Mega Trends in transforming society, markets, and cultures.

Frost & Sullivan helps its clients identify and analyze Mega Trends, sub trends, industry impact, and unmet needs. Our deep industry knowledge, coupled with our comprehensive 360° perspective, enable us to tailor the “so what” implications to each client and deliver outcome-based scenarios that inform and direct decision making.


Frost & Sullivan employs a clearly defined Macro to Micro Approach that helps clients move from a large-scale trend to specific implications for a region, industry, or company:

  1. Identify the Mega Trend
  2. Identify the sub trends
  3. Examine the sub trends to evaluate the implications to your industry
  4. Clearly define the product/service
  5. Identify unmet needs related to a Mega Trend

Growth Workshops

Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Workshops help clients establish a narrow portfolio of key market opportunities from a larger pool of options.  These interactive sessions help clients identify the strongest opportunities in the market and brainstorm strategies for pursuing those opportunities. Growth Workshops run the gamut of market analysis, from opportunity identification to strategy development to planning and implementation. Each workshop’s design is based on the full breadth of client objectives and desired outcomes.

Growth Workshop Consultants help clients funnel and prioritize which opportunities fit best with the company’s internal capabilities. During these workshops, attendees gain market knowledge and are trained on evaluation tools and techniques to translate market, competitive, technical, regulatory and economic implications into specific growth opportunities.

Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Workshops use a range of tools and exercises to help clients identify and prioritize key market opportunities, such as:

  • Opportunity/Fit Matrix
  • Decision Support Scorecard
  • Strategy Mapping
  • Executive Alignment Surveys

Voice of the Customer Strategies

Understanding your target segments’ unmet needs, purchasing behavior ,and perceptions of your competition is an essential part of retaining existing and attracting new customers. Voice of the Customer (VOC) feedback often plays a critical role in this process. Frost & Sullivan consultants help clients collect, prioritize, and embed VOC into their innovation and new product development process to inform product improvements and increase customer retention.

Frost & Sullivan’s VOC methodology includes primary (telephone or face-to-face interviews) and secondary (published and online material) research as the principal methods of data gathering.

We also coordinate focus groups, generally using third-party facilitators appointed by Frost & Sullivan, with our supervision and guidance throughout the process.

Customer Research

Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Research team focuses on in-depth analysis of customer groups and segments. Customer Research operates in virtually every country around the globe and develops innovative market research solutions, each one tailored to clients’ specific business situations and needs. Applying our advanced analytical expertise, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research, assess the results, and synthesize the information into straightforward, accessible presentations.

The team’s methodology includes survey design, database development, statistical analysis, customer benchmarking, competitive rating, customer satisfaction, customer saturation, customer needs analysis, application analysis, and demand forecasting. Our research can help you generate ideas for new products and services and validate effective pricing, branding, promotional, and channel strategies. We provide you with a clear picture of your competitive position in the market and measure and track your customers’ opinions.

Best Practices Analysis

It is rare for an executive to face a challenge that someone, somewhere has not already dealt with. Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from the experiences of others? Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices analysts research companies that have already developed world-class processes or strategies. Their findings provide invaluable insights on where our clients can look for productivity gains, new ideas, and growth opportunities. Best practices come from all corners of the globe and from every industry. They enable executives to generate major savings in time and money, and reduce risk by avoiding mistakes made by other companies.

Technology Research

Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Research provides new technical intelligence, including emerging technologies, patent information, R&D breakthroughs, technology forecasting and impact analysis. It also provides key insights on the companies bringing those technologies to market. We strive to deliver these insights to clients before they become public knowledge, enabling you to identify potential opportunities, as well as disruptive technologies, before your competitors. Technology Research identifies real-time technology developments, as well as collaboration and licensing opportunities,which are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Organizational Development

A company’s growth challenges can often be attributed to underlying issues that affect productivity, information-sharing, or culture. Organizational development can help a company maximize its effectiveness and efficiency while ensuring its strategic goals are met.

Frost & Sullivan Growth Implementation Solutions team collaborates with clients to diagnose organizational challenges, outline a potential future state, and map out a path from “current” to “desired.” We understand that any consulting related to corporate culture or human capital is inherently sensitive, and we tailor our design recommendations, change management approach, and talent management methodology to each client’s unique needs.

Growth Capability Benchmarking

Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Excellence Matrix (GEM) Diagnostic evaluates your executive team’s strengths, challenges, strategies, and cohesiveness. This framework helps you see clearly where your company’s strengths lie, as well as unearthing opportunities for improvement. It also indicates the level of agreement among the executive team for the company’s future direction. This baseline assessment of an organization’s potential allows clients to focus on high-priority growth opportunities, pursue those opportunities, and operate as one cohesive team.

The GEM Diagnostic also examines industry competitors—their strengths, weaknesses, and growth strategies—and helps your company carve out a unique space in the market.

Emerging Technologies

Frost & Sullivan’s Technical Insights research group provides clients with intelligence on emerging technologies and facilitates contact with the companies driving these technologies. These insights help clients stay at the forefront of technology adoption, preserving their reputations for innovation and creativity.

Technical Insights specializes in monitoring technologies across Frost & Sullivan’s other industry research groups. Every consultant and analyst maintains expertise in a specific technology area, bringing unparalleled expertise to our technical evaluations and allowing our clients to separate the news from the noise.
Our comprehensive 360° perspective takes our analyses one step further by situating technology evolution within global Mega Trends, emerging market trends, and industry convergence trends.

Key Topics of Expertise

  • Emerging technologies in
    • Advanced materials
    • High-tech sensors
    • Microelectronics
    • Genetics
    • Specialty chemicals
  • Additional technologies emerging from the broad range of industries Frost & Sullivan monitors
  • Patent information
  • Research and development (R&D) breakthroughs
  • Forecasting and impact analysis