Take advantage of a sincere invitation to sample Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Innovation Leadership Council by being a guest at our next Virtual Executive Assembly. These live webinar events feature experts in the field discussing the latest best practices and learnings on topics like innovation, growth strategies, product development, and more. Presentations are followed by informed discussion including questions, answers and invaluable insights from council members and industry peers. Contact Brittney Gasca, Membership Services Manager at brittney.gascapena@frost.com or 210.247.2400 for event details and info today.

You’ll experience why the Growth Innovation Leadership Council, a Frost & Sullivan Professional Development Community, is the world’s foremost member-driven, global business leadership network for senior-level executives responsible for, or coming from, industries known for innovation. The Council enables business leaders to impact transformational growth strategies by focusing on opportunities driven by disruptive technologies, mega trends, emerging markets, and new business models.

The launch of this unique community emerged organically from our hands-on international Growth, Innovation, and Leadership Executive MindXchange series. It was the desire of participants to keep that collaboration – and professional development – going strong 365 days of the year, culminating in the establishment of this rapidly growing executive Council.

Members of this powerful, experiential learning environment gain access to our Global Growth, Innovation and Leadership Events, affiliated Executive MindXchanges, live and virtual workshops, webinars, Frost & Sullivan industry trends research and insights from thought leaders. This member-driven organization convenes annually to determine the critical issues and areas of focus that form the Council’s agenda for the year.

The Growth Innovation Leadership Council is your seat at the table beyond your participation in Frost & Sullivan Growth, Innovation and Leadership events. As a member of the Council, you’ll be part of dozens of the most important conversations about transformation and disruption happening by leaders across industries throughout the year. Now more than ever, you need to stay connected. Click here to learn more or join now!