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Christine Hawkins

Director Digital and Customer Process Transformation

Christine is a globally recognized presenter whose current role includes aligning resources across 11 global process improvements while identifying white space opportunities. She expertly designs and leads business processes that delight customers and exceed targets.


Dr. Sean Simpson

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Sean founded LanzaTech in 2005. Since it’s founding, Sean as successfully developed, scaled and commercialized a novel industrial platform for the manufacture of sustainable fuels and chemicals. Sean also sits on the board of the start-up companies Avertana, and Dotterel and he has published over 20 journal articles and 200 patents.

Rockstar Insights


Maikel Alendy

Associate Director of Instructional Learning Technology
Florida International University Online


Alina Aronova

Senior Vice President, Technology Operations


Walter Barnes

Director, Product Characterization & Engineering
Brewer Science, Inc.
Growth Innovation Leadership Council Member

As a self-proclaimed “proud Millenial,” Maikel is driven by his goal to equip learners with an education that enables them the ability to feed their families and/or provide for their communities. With a fearful admiration of digital disruption Maikel’s work focuses on digital literacy, accessibility and equity, rediscovering things we once knew, and the future of meaningful work.

Alina is Product Delivery Executive, Board Member, Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker. In her role at Cengage, she is responsible for driving meaningful business transformation, product delivery and operational maturity through the development and implementation of strategic and tactical initiatives across all functional areas of the global product technology organization.

As Director of Product Characterization and Engineering at Brewer Science, Walter is responsible for the scale-up and product ramp of specialized semiconductor materials, processes, and capital equipment from the product development innovation pipeline into high-volume manufacturing. Previously working for Procter & Gamble, 3M, and Monsanto.


Sree Bommakanti

Director of Product Development
CVS Health


Tim Cambier

Senior Director SMARTLINK Solutions Integrated Technology
GOJO Industries, Inc.
Growth Innovation Leadership Council Member

Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell

Head of Digital Innovation
Growth Innovation Leadership Council Member

Sree is leading digital product development at CVSHealth KidneyCare focusing on the opportunity to bringing Home Hemo Dialysis. He is interested in exploring challenges in balance of staying on the course over a long term and at the same time best strategies to calibrate stakeholder enthusiasm, ideas and deliver successful products.

Tim oversees the investments and commercial activities of the PURELL SMARTLINK Technologies business at GOJO Industries. He has focused on utilizing IoT technology to improve the method of hand hygiene performance and connecting devices in smart buildings.

Paul has been a thought leader in corporate innovation for more than two decades. His experience with a broad range of business models, technologies, and products around the world lends him a unique perspective on the changes in business innovation and leadership.


Giovanni Duarte

Director, Academic Strategy & Innovation
Center for Transformational Education and Learning Innovation
Chamberlin University


Jennifer Felder-Smith

Director, Strategy & Development


Briana Frank

Director of Product Management

Giovanni runs the team of academic strategy and innovation at Chamberlain University. His focus is on improving the student and faculty experience by providing practical yet innovative technologies, strategies, and processes that enhance their teaching and learning journey.

Jennifer is a global strategist who has dedicated her life to transforming organization and leaders through the power of collaborative innovation, clarity of vision (purpose) and resilience. Her experience entails collaborating across 80 countries to drive transformation and growth.

Briana is an Intrepreneur who believes exceptional product design is rooted in solving problems for users with empathy and data. Briana has applied this thinking to her entire portfolio including high growth products such as IBM Cloud Satellite, IBM Cloud Code Engine, Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Kubernetes, logging, monitoring and developer tools.


Dave Goes

Senior Vice President, Business
and Product Development


Jared Haslam

Vice President, Product Strategy and Planning
Nissan North America
Growth Innovation Leadership Council Member


Benjamin Karas

Digital Product Manager

Dave is leading a new product and team that was hybrid before work from home became the norm. Launching their new product in February of 2021, Dave and team have gone from $0 revenue to $500,000 in eight months, with “rounding-error budget” and a whole lot of grit and innovation.

Jared has worked in the automotive industry for over 15 years, and has had the opportunity to work in several verticals of the auto industry from manufacturing to engineering to marketing. Today, he is responsible for product strategy as far out as 10+ years through the product lifestyle, technology adoption plans and future product innovation.

Ben is part of Grainger’s Technology Group and is currently modernizing experiences for 16 million + customers focused around Post Order eCommerce services. He has worked across all functional teams within Grainger to build the roadmap, own strategy, and partner with stakeholders from the North American branches.


Erin Mistry

Senior Vice President Payer Strategy and Policy & Co-Founder
Snapdragon Life Sciences


Imran Nasrullah

Vice President & Head of Open Innovation Center North America-East
Bayer Pharmaceuticals


Juan Phillips

Vice President, Product Design & Innovation

Erin brings the marriage of inspiration and pragmatism across diverse stakeholders to sidestep inefficiency for business impact. With over 15 years experience across hospital health systems, to biopharma and through consulting, she brings a unique and integrated view of healthcare.

Imran is an intrapreneur driving external innovation with entrepreneurs and has over 25 years of business development & licensing, strategy, economic development and technology transfer experience. At Bayer Pharmaceuticals; he is responsible for forging new business relationships with academia, biotech and venture capital for early access to technologies.

Juan has been the lead creative for a number of major brands across multiple product categories. Most recently, Juan serves as the Vice President of Product Design and Innovation at Travelpro, where Juan has dedicated himself to making the company the most innovative brand in luggage. Innovation, concept and functionality fuel Juan’s passion for product design, R&D and the creation of proprietary features.


Elisa Prieto-Casaña

IE Business School


Nias Puthenveettil

Vice President, Global Head of Digital Product Technology


Tonet Santana

Global Product Development Head
Payments and Receivables Digital Client Solutions

Elisa is passionate about understanding what the future brings for organizations and how they are redefining their strategy to leverage innovation and sustainability and make them maximize profit. She has combined her long career as C-suite executive of various international industrial groups with an intense activity in academia.

Over the years Nias has worked with several partners and applied innovative strategies at Siemens to develop medical devices including Computed Tomography (CT), X‐ray, Angiography, Interventional Radiology/Cardiology imaging systems and clinical applications. As Head of Technology and Innovation at Cerner, he led multiple global teams to develop large‐scale health care information systems, enterprise applications and interoperability solutions.

Tonet leads digital product development for Citi corporate global clients globally.  Using his 18 year experience with Citi in Manila, Hong Kong and now in the global HQ in NYC, Tonet’s team has launched Spring by Citi, an acquiring and banking solution for e-commerce clients, developed Citi Payment Outlier Detection, a patented machine learning solution and continues to roll out real time payments around the world for Citi.  


Theresa Scheuble

Head of Design & Innovation
Johnson & Johnson


David Schie

Chief Executive Officer


Stephen Shapiro

The Invisible Solutions® Institute

Theresa chairs the J&J Design Council which is focused on advancing world-class practices in product design to drive speed, simplification and robustness in the development of customer-centered health care solutions across J&J. As part of this effort she is responsible for creating customer experience frameworks from discovery to launch via customer engagement strategies and customer insights planning and execution guidelines.

David is a seasoned high tech executive, entrepreneur, patent holder, and the visionary behind AIStorm’s unique charge domain technology. His clear vision for revenue growth as well as his detailed oriented nature are unparallel among top business executives in the US.

Stephen started his work in innovation 25 years ago when he created and led a 20,000‐person innovation practice for the consulting firm Accenture. He is the author of six innovation books, including his latest, Invisible Solutions®. In 2015, he was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame.

Scott Thielman

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Product Creation Studio


Andrea Wesser-Brawner

Chief Innovation and Emerging Technologies Officer
Orange County Government


Gerald Wilson

President & Chief Executive Officer
Autonomic Materials

With Scott’s expertise leading the development of consumer, medical, and industrial products, he has participated in all aspects of development for clients including Philips, Johnson & Johnson, and Amgen. He holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from University of Washington and is a licensed professional engineer.

Andrea is the first in her position where she builds upon Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings’ vision of “Orange Tomorrow” and creating a culture of innovation, collaboration and inclusiveness. In her role, she focuses on creating public and private partnerships throughout the entire organization to leverage technology to keep up with global trends and position Orange County as a leader in the innovation industry.

Gerald is a globally recognized leader in the field of smart polymeric materials who has authored or co-authored over 65 peer-reviewed publications, proceedings and invited lectures. The efforts of his teams at AMI have been recognized as the AMPP (formerly NACE) Materials Performance Corrosion Innovation of the Year in 2019 and as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution in 2020.


William Zeller

Director, Research & Technology Programs
Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division