By Alejandro Cabral
Global Digital Sales Transformation Leader
Kimberly-Clark Professional



LinkedIn doesn’t sleep. Your customers do though, and you wouldn’t think of bothering them during a weekend or a holiday of course. Saturdays and Sundays are not meant to be worked…or are they?

To be honest, I am a workaholic. There is no denying that part, though I am also a married man and in my 40’s. I enjoy my time off with my wife, and love to just NOT wake up really early and drive to the office on any given weekend. My Saturday morning coffee tastes so much better than my Monday morning coffee: I get to have it in my kitchen, with my wife, no rush.

Which means my mind is just unwinding, and probably that of my prospects is as well. I realized this some time ago and decided to try something different. Here’s what I did.

  1. Using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, I found, saved and tagged prospects for a new campaign. The tag I used was “Saturday chill” just for fun, and saved 25 leads. Seemed like a good number: not too big, not too small and manageable.
  2. I focused on profiles with more than 1000 followers and some proactive activity, meaning people who are not just using LinkedIn to find a job but actually connecting and engaging with other people.
  3. I waited. How long? 3 weeks with their weekends. And in the meantime, I let Sales Navigator do its job and feed me with info on these people.
  4. What I was able to find out was that most of these people are used to doing a lot during the week, then just a bit on Saturday mornings and nothing on Sundays. What kind of things did they do on a Saturday morning you ask? Well most of them just like things. So what it means is that they look at their feeds, find something that looks interesting and might or might not read it, but certainly hit the like button.
  5. So I started creating content for Saturday mornings. What kind of content? The kind they liked! Easy reads (that relate to my area of expertise of course), quick ones. Sometimes video.

And then I waited again to see if I did get engagements. And it just happened! They started liking stuff I shared and some even shared my content through their feeds.

Now, we all like to rest during the weekend…but LinkedIn doesn’t sleep and as much as I love my rest, I realized I don’t sleep that much during the weekend and neither do my prospects, so why not engage them?

And so I did! And it worked! Who said you can’t rest AND engage at the same time? Certainly not me, and no prospect has complained so far!

Alejandro Cabral has worked in sales and marketing for his entire career, spanning over 22 years of work in multiple industries and Fortune 500 Companies. He specializes in Modern Selling and Digital Transformation in Sales, and is currently the Global Leader for Digital Sales Transformation at Kimberly-Clark Professional, as well as a public speaker.