Started in 2019, “Jury Special Mention Award” will be conferred for programs that are best-in-class, scalable and replicable across industry verticals. Through this recognition, we aim to enhance sharing of best practices across the organizations.


Design: Result-oriented & Measurable Progress

Sustainability Relevance

Scalability & Replicability

Additionality: Going Beyond Business

  • The Award category is open to all past and new participants of the Frost & Sullivan-TERI Sustainability 4.0 Awards.
  • Each company can nominate any number of projects under this category.
  • Only philanthropic initiatives under CSR mandate are not eligible. Interventions under a company’s CSR mandate submitted for consideration are eligible only if they exhibit company efforts in designing interventions that are regularly monitored, verified, and evaluated for effectiveness.
  • CSR programs submitted should be on project-mode initiated not before 1st April 2016. Such initiatives should showcase demonstrable socio-environmental impact.
  • The nominated projects will be reviewed by the Frost & Sullivan and TERI team and submitted to the Jury with its observations.
  • The projects shortlisted by the Jury shall be required to be presented by the respective companies at the Jury Meeting.
  • The award winning projects will receive the “Jury Special Mention Award” at the Awards Banquet on 3rd December 2021. (Note: subject to COVID-19 state regulations)