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Communities That Lead Leaders

Our Leadership Councils are the world’s foremost member-driven, global business leadership networks for senior-level executives. Councils enable business leaders to drive growth for themselves and their organizations.

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Develop an understanding of the emerging growth sectors and business risks driven by technology disruptions and innovation.

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Assess and evaluate growth opportunities more quickly.

Leadership Council - Empower


Gain knowledge and insights from peers to advance your career and help develop the next generation of leaders from within your own teams.

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Network with entrepreneurs and corporate executives and learn best practices, strategy, benchmarking and secrets to success.

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Leverage actionable intelligence to help your organization hit goals and growth targets.

Bold Ideas – Powerful Connections – Winning Strategies

With annual agendas shaped by our executive members, our Leadership Councils help you gain insights on your most pressing challenges.


Rich Content

Access exclusive research, presentations, videos and more through a members-only content library.


Virtual Events

Participating in regularly scheduled member debates and discussions, you’ll gain insights on the cutting-edge ideas that are driving us forward.


In-Person Events

Networking, education and community interaction at Executive MindXchange events and site tours lead to meaningful professional and personal relationships.


Online Platform

Maximize your membership from wherever business takes you. Access other members, research and event updates, using our powerful platform for collaboration.

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Customer Engagement Leadership Council

The Customer Engagement Leadership Council is the world’s foremost member-driven, a global business leadership network for senior-level executives in customer experience, marketing, and customer care.
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Growth Innovation Leadership Council

The Growth Innovation Leadership Council is a cross industry, a global executive network designed to impact transformational growth strategies by focusing on innovation opportunities driven by disruptive technologies, mega trends, emerging markets, and new business models.