FrosTrack: Global Innovation Tracker

Your radar for exciting and innovative companies, products and technologies.

FrosTrack is a global innovation tracker, providing unique snapshots of the most exciting and innovative products, technologies and companies in the world.

The Tracker, which is continuously updated, is a dynamic evaluation of Best Practices in products and technologies across major sectors and regions of the globe, highlighting the most innovative, pioneering, disruptive and best-in-class companies. These exclusive firms, chosen by an elite team of Frost & Sullivan analysts, are selected via extensive and ongoing research of markets and competition.

Key applications for the tracker include:


Transformational Growth Initiatives


Benchmarking against Best-of-Breed Companies


Evaluation of Disruptive Technologies


Opportunities for Technology Licensing


Partnerships, Mergers, and Acquisitions

The Global Innovation Tracker is used by corporations, financial institutions, and technology transfer groups for their growth initiatives, as they scan the business horizon for innovative and pioneering firms that have excelled in products, technologies, customer value, or competitive strategies. In a rapidly changing business world which is being transformed by disruptive technologies and intensifying competition, the service offers a “finger on the pulse” continuous monitoring of industries for opportunities.