Information and Communication Technologies

With the recent trend for digitization and embedded intelligence across industries, understanding the requirements of emerging computing and communication technologies is crucial for growth and competitive advantage.

Through continuous tracking of both technology and product developments in the information, communication and network security domain, TechVision team is well positioned to analyze and predict technology and market trends as well as identify the challenges and strategic opportunities for companies across different geographies and industries.

Key Research Focus Areas

Cloud Computing


Software-defined Networking

Wireless Communication


Bluetooth 4.0
Location-based Services
Mobile Payment/ Mobile E-commerce
4G LTE / 5G
Software-defined Radio Network

AI - Artificial Intelligence


Deep Learning
Neural Networks
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Cloud Robotics

Internet of things


Smart Sensors
Sensor Fusion
Machine 2 Machine Communication
Context-Aware Computing
IoT Security

Big Data Analytics


Predictive Analytics
Prescriptive Analytics
Data Visualization
Big Data Security

Mixed Reality


Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality

Value Proposition

Key Questions of Clients


Whom should I partner with?


What is the National Roadmap and what are the best practices adopted by other countries?


What are the R&D areas I should focus on?


What is the opportunity for the technology in 5 to 10 years?


What are the attractive markets for my technology?


What are the technologies I should invest in?


Who are my competitors and what are they doing unique?


Which region should I gain entry?

Engagement Types

  • Assessment of R&D portfolio
  • R&D management
  • IP Consulting
  • Technology investment Opportunities
    • Evaluation of funding initiatives
    • Merger and acquisition opportunities
    • Identification of strategic alliance partners
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Market Opportunity analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Evaluation of nation innovation indicators and country’s best practices
  • Technology and patent valuation
  • Business model innovation

Latest Research

  • Rise of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Cognitive Automation
  • Smart Water Management: Disruptive Technologies are Transforming the Water Industry
  • Future of GCCs in India: Transforming into R&D Powerhouses
  • Driving Next-generation Advancements in Manufacturing through Extended Reality
  • Intelligent Transportation System Growth Opportunities
  • Machine Learning: The New Driving Force for DevOps
  • 2021 Technology Convergence Scenarios
  • Next Wave of Deep Learning Models & Applications (RNN, CNN, GaN)
  • Federated Learning: New Approach to Building AI Models
  • Materials for 5G Infrastructure: Technology and IP Analysis
  • Advancements in Digital Technologies for Solar and Wind Farm Inspection
  • Growth Opportunities and Technology Innovations for Advanced Clinical Decision Support Platforms
  • Growth Opportunities of SaaS E-commerce Technologies in Logistics
  • Growth Opportunities of Sensor Technologies for Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Innovations in Digital Technologies Transforming Material R&D
  • Revolutionizing Future of Care Through Immersive Technologies
  • Frost Radar : Digital Biomarkers Through Connected Devices, 2020
  • Extended Reality: Making Immersive Experiences Commonplace
  • Technology Enabled Growth and Opportunities in India
  • Cognitive Radio: An Emerging Intelligent Radio Technology in the Wireless Communication
  • Frost Radar: Cognitive Agents
  • Advancements in Communication Protocols Transforming Building Automation Systems
  • Firmware Security: Securing IoT From the Roots
  • Data Science Impacting the Pharmaceutical Industry Part II: Clinical trial Applications
  • Data Science Impacting the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Innovations in Smart Metering Enabling Grid Modernization
  • Novel Innovations Facilitating Digital Transformation of Agricultural Sector
  • Future of Software Development: Inching Towards the ‘New Stack’
  • Accelerating Digital Transformation through Multi-Cloud Adoption
  • Towards Being Truly Intelligent: Next Wave of AI Technologies (Wave 2 – Reinforcement Learning)
  • Automating Multicloud Management Using AI
  • 2020 Technology Convergence Scenarios
  • Technology Advancements in Energy Analytics Transforming Power Grids
  • Towards Being Truly Intelligent: Next Wave of AI Technologies (Wave 1 – Unsupervised Learning)
  • Role of 5G Communication revolutionizing Industrial Internet of Things
  • Fuelling Digital Pathology Advances Using Artifical Intelligence
  • Technologies Enabling Smart Ships of the Future
  • Blockchain: Regulating the New Economy
  • Breakthrough Innovations in Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Opportunities of Autonomous Delivery Robots in Warehouse Management
  • Into the Fast Lane with AI: Driving the Future of Mobility
  • Emerging Opportunities of Quantum Technologies in Electronics Industry
  • Disruptive Opportunities for Data Storage Technologies
  • Expanding Applications for Additive Manufacturing: The Road Ahead
  • Antenna Technology: Application and Opportunity Assessment
  • Advancements in Automotive Electronics
  • Advanced Visualization Technologies Improving Medical Imaging and Diagnosis
  • Technologies Transforming the Future of Digital Marketing
  • Neural Networks: Key Business Applications and Benefits
  • Digitalization in Smart Grid Networks – Emerging Application and Impact Assessment
  • Technology Convergence Impacting Oil and Gas Sector
  • Impact Assessment of Automation in the Indian Manufacturing sector
  • Advancements in AI on Edge – Emerging Applications and Innovations
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Asset Management – Recent Trends and Future Outlook
  • Next Generation Technologies Enabling High Performance Diagnostic Device
  • Innovations in Sensors for CUI and Structural Monitoring Applications
  • Cognitive Security: The New Global Imperative
  • Innovations in Biomarker Analytics
  • Free-Space Optics and Visible Light Communication: R&D Portfolio and Opportunity Analysis
  • Sensor Innovations Driving IoT: Opportunity Analysis
  • Blockchain for Oil & Gas Industry
  • Technologies Enabling Circular Economy
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Materials Design and Production
  • Augmented Analytics: Future of Business Intelligence
  • Blockchain: Global Investment Analysis
  • Intelligent Automation Technologies Transforming Industrial Manufacturing
  • Opportunities Assessment of Artificial Intelligence in Consumer Electronics
  • Impact Assessment of Robotics in the Logistics Sector
  • Image-guided Navigation Technologies Providing Surgical Guidance
  • Opportunities for Sensors in Digital Farming
  • Cognitive Process Automation: AI Enabling Next Generation RPA Applications
  • Disruptive Technologies in Digital Health
  • HealthWear Enabling Continuous Monitoring and Remote Therapies
  • Sensor Innovations Transforming Healthcare Sector
  • Convergence of AI and AR: Transforming the Future of Business Applications
  • Phygital: Redefining Customer Experience Across Physical and Digital Channels
  • Drones: R&D Portfolio and Opportunity Analysis
  • Internet-delivered Therapies and Mobile Health Ushering a New Health Paradigm
  • Disruptive Innovations in Smart Waste Management
  • Technological Advancements and Emerging Applications of Fuel Cells
  • Medical Device Innovations Furthering FemTech
  • Breakthrough Sensor Innovations in L4 and L5 Autonomous Driving
  • 2019 Technology Convergence Scenarios
  • Technology Convergence Driving Smart Home Automation
  • Digital Twin: Application Landscape and Opportunity Assessment
  • Disruptive Innovations Powering Smart Buildings
  • 5G: The Emerging Digital Frontier
  • Opportunities for Blockchain in Manufacturing
  • Breakthrough Technologies Building Superior Hospital Infrastructure
  • Technology Convergence Enabling Agriculture 2.0
  • Technologies in Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Quantum Computing – R&D Portfolio Analysis and Roadmapping
  • Technologies with High Funding: Impact Assessment and Growth Opportunities
  • Robotic Exoskeletons: Roadmapping and Impact Analysis
  • Breakthrough Sensor Innovations in Food and Beverage Sector
  • Envisioning the Next Generation Cybersecurity Practices
  • Distributed Energy: Impact of Blockchain on Energy Trading
  • Turning Big Data to Smart Data: Emerging Opportunities
  • Redefining the Future of Mobility with Blockchain
  • Advancements in Wireless Communications for Transportation
  • Digital Pathology: Roadmap to the Future of Medical Diagnosis
  • RNA Technologies Enabling Drug Discovery and Development
  • Incisionless Surgeries: Envisioning The Future of Surgical Technology
  • Automotive Sensors – Innovation Impact and Roadmapping
  • Autonomous Vehicles Application Landscape and Opportunity Assessment
  • Hybrid Manufacturing: Technology Roadmapping and Opportunities
  • Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Emerging innovations in India
  • Nanotechnology Innovations Transforming Energy Generation and Storage
  • Digital Innovations Creating an Immersive Environment for Health Monitoring
  • Technology Innovations Enabling Precision Robotic Surgery
  • Technologies Enabling Smart Water Grid
  • Technology Convergence Enabling Future of Digital Work
  • Future of 3Rs: Impact of Visualization Technologies in Manufacturing
  • Emerging Sensor Technologies Impacting the Marine Sector
  • Disruptive Opportunities for Intelligent Home Automation in India
  • Unblocking the Blockchain: Innovations Revolutionizing the Energy and Industrial Sectors
  • Sensor Innovations Driving Future of Aerospace and Defense
  • Breakthrough Innovations in Energy Storage
  • Disruptive Technologies Transforming Digital Oil Field
  • Disruptive Opportunities for Cobots in Manufacturing
  • Technology Convergence Enabling Homes of the Future
  • Artificial Intelligence- led Disruptions Powering the Future of Media
  • Securing Connected and Autonomous Cars for a Smarter World
  • Artificial Intelligence: Global Investment Analysis
  • Battery and Power Train Technologies for Electric Vehicles
  • Reimagining Healthcare Delivery: Impact of Gamification and Patient Engagement
  • Organ-on-a-chip Innovations Fueling Drug Screening Applications
  • Internet of Medical Things Enabling Hospitals of the Future
  • Digital Twin Transforming Manufacturing
  • Emerging Technologies to Detect Freshness of Produce
  • 2018 Top Information and Communication Technologies
  • ICT Technologies Transfoming the Future of Automotive Sector
  • Healthcare Innovations in Emerging Economies
  • Sensor Innovations Transforming Industry 4.0
  • Robotic Technologies for Defense
  • Intelligent Sensors for Connected Home Appliances
  • AI Innovations in Future of Manufacturing
  • Technology Convergence Enabling Retail Process Automation
  • Technologies Impacting the Future of Korea
  • Technologies Impacting the Future of Cybersecurity
  • Innovations in Computer Vision Applications Powered by AI
  • Unraveling The Chinese Innovation Puzzle
  • Innovations Impacting Industrial Sensing
  • Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics in Healthcare
  • Innovations Empowering Social Robots
  • Technologies Impacting the Future of Education
  • Technologies Impacting the Future of Smart Cities
  • AI and Big Data Technologies Transforming Financial Services
  • Impact of Visible Light Communication (VLC) Technology
  • Technologies Transforming Digital Media and Advertising
  • Data Storage Technologies of the Future
  • Advanced Analytics: Disruptive Opportunities
  • Advanced Safety Technologies Empowering Mobility
  • Technologies Enabling Intelligent Robotics
  • Technologies Driving Precision Medicine
  • Technology Innovations for Patient Engagement
  • IIoT Driving Manufacturing Innovations
  • Emerging Robotic Technologies for Marine Applications
  • Emerging Technologies for Defense
  • Innovations in Smart Sensors
  • Vehicle-to-Everything Technologies for Connected Cars
  • The Emerging Global Marketplace for Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Technologies Driving Clinical Trial Management
  • Securing the Power Grid – Innovations in Energy Cybersecurity
  • Wearable Technologies for Industrial Applications
  • Technology Advancements Shaping Big Data Progress
  • Blockchain Technology Powering Emerging Applications
  • Innovations in Silicon Photonics
  • Cyber Security Innovations in the Connected World
  • Innovations in Automotive Sensors
  • Top Information and Communication Technologies, 2017
  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Revolutionizing Healthcare
  • Sensors for Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring
  • Innovations in Big Data Analytics for Healthcare
  • Future of Asset Tracking in Manufacturing
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – R&D and Applications Roadmap
  • Technologies Empowering Future of Identity Management
  • Future Applications of Virtual Reality (Immersive Computing)
  • Technologies Empowering Smart Healthcare
  • Home Security: Technology Assessment and Concerns
  • Adoption of Disruptive Technologies Transforming Manufacturing
  • Innovations in Consumer Robotics
  • Next Generation Sensors for Wearables and Smart Phones
  • Applications on the Cloud New Business Models
  • ICT Technologies Driving Digital India
  • IoT: R&D Cluster Benchmarking
  • Advanced Sensor Technologies for Homeland Security
  • Technologies Impacting the Future of Food and Beverage Sector
  • Technologies Impacting the Future of the Aerospace and Defense Sector
  • Technologies Impacting the Future of the Energy Sector
  • Disruptive Technologies Powering New Age Consumer Electronics
  • Technology Trends in Immersive Computing
  • Big Data, XaaS and IoT Transforming Manufacturing Automation
  • Hospitals of the Future – Creating an Era of Personalized Medicine
  • Innovations in Smart Lighting
  • Technologies Transforming Business Intelligence
  • Advances in Digital Manufacturing
  • Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Opportunities
  • Atomic Electronics Transforming Consumer Electronics Sector
  • Technology Advancements Transforming Environmental Monitoring
  • Capacitive Sensing: Disruptive Opportunities in Key Sectors
  • Key Technologies Impacting the Future of Healthcare Industry
  • Top 10 Technologies Impacting the Future of Automotive Market
  • Emerging Mobile E-commerce Technologies
  • Top 10 Information and Communication Technologies, 2016
  • Advances in Medical Manufacturing
  • Connected Health: Mobilizing the Power of IoT
  • Innovations in High Power Electronics Impacting Key Sectors
  • Technology Innovations Enabling Visible Light Communication
  • Technology Convergence Enabling Precision Agriculture
  • Automation & Communication Technology Innovations Impacting Oil & Gas Sector
  • Innovations in Wastewater Treatment and Its Impact on Key Sectors
  • Technologies Enabling Intelligent Transportation
  • Impact of Wireless Charging Technology Advances in Consumer and Automotive Sectors
  • Technology Advances Shaping Future of Food Security
  • Micro- and Nanobots Emerging Opportunities
  • Contact-Free Monitoring – Enabling Technologies & Emerging Opportunities
  • Energy Efficiency in Transport, Buildings and Industry
  • Technology Innovations Empowering Low Emission Vehicles
  • Innovations in Water Production and Its Impact on Key Sectors
  • Impact of Exascale Computing trends in Key sectors
  • Additive Manufacturing Technology Innovations Impacting Automotive Sector
  • Insights for CFOs betting on Intellectual Property
  • Innovation-Led Clusters: A Benchmarking Report
  • Global Review of Intellectual Property (IP) Funds
  • Electro-Optical/Infrared Systems – Technology Trends Impacting Military and Aerospace Sectors
  • Impact of Gamification in Key Industries
  • Futuristic Outlook of Wearable Technology in Key Applications
  • Design-driven Innovation – Impact on Consumer Market
  • Technology Innovations Impacting Future of Industrial Automation
  • 2015 Technology Convergence Scenarios
  • Impact of Prescriptive Analytics on Key Sectors
  • Affective Computing: Enabling Technologies and Applications
  • Impact of Quantum Dots in Consumer Electronics
  • Technology Advances Empowering Microgrids
  • Deep Learning Interfaces: Future of AI
  • Future of Customer Experience with User Interface Technologies
  • 3D Display Technology Innovations Impacting Consumer Sector
  • Energy Harvesting Innovations Disrupting Key Applications
  • Impact of Data Storage Technologies in Key Sectors
  • Technology Innovations Impacting Connected Living
  • Super Hi Vision – Impact in Key Applications
  • Technology Trends Impacting Low Carbon Manufacturing
  • Bioacoustics Sensing – Prospective Opportunities in Key Sectors
  • Technology Innovations Empowering Airport Security
  • Technology Innovations Enabling Manufacturing of Fuel Efficient & Low Noise Aircrafts
  • Impact of Sensory Tracking Technology in Consumer Electronics Sector
  • 2015 Top 10 Information and Communication Technologies
  • 2015 Top Technologies in Microelectronics
  • Millimeter Wave Technology: Impact in Key Applications
  • 2015 Top Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing and Automation
  • 2015 Top Technologies in Sensors & Control
  • Digitized Retail 2020: Capturing Emerging Opportunities
  • Structural Health Monitoring – Impact of Technology Innovations and Emerging Opportunities
  • Future of Smart Banking
  • Innovations in Emerging Economies – Latin America
  • Technology Convergence Enabling Smart Factories
  • Technology Solutions to Innovation Management Challenges
  • Technologies Empowering the Smarter Workplace
  • 3D Printing Technology – 9 Dimensional Assessment
  • Data-led Innovations Transforming Key Sectors
  • Innovations in Emerging Economies – Southeast Asia
  • Innovations in Unmanned Vehicles – Land, Air, Sea
  • Touchless Sensors Technology – 9 Dimensional Assessment
  • Impact of Cybersecurity Innovations in Key Sectors
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – Disruptive Opportunities in Key Sectors
  • Ambient Intelligence – Visionary Outlook
  • Sensor Technology Innovations Enabling Quantified-Self
  • Radical Innovations Based on Brain Computer Interface(BCI)
  • Innovations in Emerging Economies – India
  • Technologies Enabling the Cockpit of the future (Technical Insight)
  • Innovations in Cloud Robotics
  • Data Visualization – An Outlook on Disruptive Techniques
  • Printed Sensors Technology – 9 Dimensional Assessment
  • Impact of Natural Language Processing in Key Applications
  • Advances in Production Technologies for Green Vehicles – Technical Insights
  • Top Technologies in Information and Communication Technologies
  • Top Technologies in Sensors and Control
  • Top Technologies in Microelectronics
  • Global Intellectual Property (IP) Markets
  • Top Technologies in Clean and Green Environment – 2014
  • Augmented Reality – 9 Dimensional Assessment
  • Printed Displays and Lighting Technology – 9 Dimensional Assessment
  • Payments in the Digital Future
  • Technology Competitiveness of Knowledge-Based Economies
  • Technologies for Governance of Emerging Economies
  • Innovations in Big Data Analytics
  • National Innovation Ecosystems (Healthcare, CMF, Energy)
  • Next Generation Power Management for Electronic Devices
  • Breakthrough Innovations in Indoor GPS
  • National Innovation Ecosystems (IT and Electronics)
  • Innovations in Gesture and Speech Recognition for Consumer Electronics
  • Innovations in Biometrics for Consumer Electronics
  • Technologies for Sustainability
  • ICT Innovations Enabling Collaborative Supply Chains
  • Human Life on a Smarter Planet
  • Cloud Computing–Technology Crystal Ball
  • Innovations in OLEDs for Consumer Electronics
  • Breakthrough Innovations in Software Defined Networking
  • Next Generation Processors and Controllers for Consumer Electronics
  • Innovations in Securing the Big Data
  • Technologies for Digital Education
  • Top Technologies in Microelectronics — 2013
  • Future of Wireless Networking
  • Top Technologies in Information and Communication Technologies–2013
  • Internet of Things–Technology Penetration and Roadmapping
  • Big Data: The 9 Dimensional Dossier On Revolutionizing Data Management
  • In-Memory Computing: The 9 Dimensional Dossier On Revolutionizing Information Storage
  • Augmented Reality–Technology Penetration and Roadmapping (Technical Inisghts)
  • Virtualization: The 9 Dimensional Dossier On Optimizing Physical Resource Usage
  • Semantic Web: The 9 Dimensional Dossier On Bringing Meaning to Information Sharing
  • Data Virtualization: Technology Penetration and Roadmapping
  • Technological Innovations Empowering Innovation Management
  • Advances in mHealth Technologies
  • In-Memory Computing–Technology Penetration and Roadmapping
  • Developments in Near Field Communication
  • Top Technologies in Information and Communication Technology Vertical – 2012
  • Software Defined Radios: Technology Penetration and Roadmapping
  • Big Data Analytics: Funding Analysis
  • Chain – Exploring the Roles and Responsibilities of Ecosystem Partners in Security
  • Securing the Networks in a Quantum Future
  • DeFi (Decentralized Finance): Disrupting the Financial Intermediaries
  • No-Code: The Future of Software Development Process
  • Supercomputers: Enabling Applications of the Future
  • Breakthrough Technologies in Smart Grid
  • Technologies Transforming HVAC Systems
  • 6G: From Connected Things to Connected Intelligence
  • Prairies to Plate: Impact Analysis of Blockchain

The TechVision group offers a suite of strategic services ranging from a continuous flow of forward-looking intelligence on emerging technologies and new age innovations, interactivity with technology and industry experts, bespoke strategy consulting on technology investments, roadmaps, IP landscapes, and executive workshops for innovation and R&D leadership teams. These services empower its users with ideas and strategies to leverage disruptive technologies and innovations to drive transformational growth of their organizations.